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Making sure the internet safety of kids

Posted Aug 18 2010 9:59am

Internet safety for kids considered as primarily protecting various computers against from the existence of malware, identity theft, viruses, and existence of any spyware. Meanwhile, Internet Safety for kids is intended of protecting children against from any online predators and pedophiles. Maintaining the online safety of kids considered as a huge challenge for various parents. With that, here are some suggested guides for parents upon keeping their children safe in online setting.

  • Parental Control Software

  • Facebook Security

  • Social Networking

  • CyberBullying

Installation of anti-virus software is a critical aspect for internet security and safety. Based on the test of various markers of anti-viruses software, here are the best aspect upon stopping and removing any viruses, malware and spyware.

  • McAfee

  • F-Secure

  • Norton

  • Kaspersky

  • TrendMicro

Theft identity had continually increased its growth in alarming rates for an over 20% each year. FTC stated that identity theft considered as the number one complaint that they can ever get. With that, here are some quick or recommended guidelines as to prevent the identity theft.

  • LifeLock

  • Steps upon restoration of identity

  • Identity Theft Prevention

  • TrustedID


Aside of that, here are the recommended tips for internet safety for kids .

  • Tell the parents immediately if coming across for something entirely makes feel self uncomfortable.

  • Remind itself that those individuals that been meet online might not be who they be as there online With that, never ever give out any identification information that includes its name, school name, home addresses, telephone number for public message that includes the chat room or for bulletin board.

  • Never ever arrange face to face meeting to online friend without even asking the permission of its parents. Since, if parents will agree in regards of meeting to that online friend, its essential to be accompanied by a parent upon meeting that online friend in public places.Be careful if someone will offer something just for nothing.

  • Be careful also about any offerings that entirely involves coming to a certain meeting or having someone visiting its home especially from an online friend.

  • Always be reminded of determining those online friends just like knowing its entire friends.

  • Never ever send any picture or photos without even asking permission from its parents.

  • Never ever respond to any messages or those items that considered as suggestive, threatening, obscene, and belligerent or create one self as uncomfortable.

  • Make sure that both parents and child determines that this online friend entirely be known and can be trusted before giving any personal information about itself.

  • Diligent parental supervision supports of making sure the safety of children upon using the internet.


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