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Ma4Ma3, Ma3Ma2, Ma1Ma1, Ma3mi2

Posted Sep 13 2008 6:52pm

(Sorry, this post, can be understood most, if you know Mandarin and the pronunciation method, otherwise, you may not see the difference in the 4 terms)

The way Ian calls me always changed.

When he was still a baby, before he starts talking, I always refer to myself as ‘Mommy’, that is Ma3mi2 in pronunciation.

But then, when he started to learn his speech, he keeps calling me Mama, in the most perfect Mandarin way, i.e. Ma4Ma3.

I really loved hearing that, so from then onwards I also changed in my own reference. I calls myself Mama when I communicate to him.

Somewhat, in the last couple of months, a lot of changes happened.

He suddenly stopped calling me Ma4Ma3. But calls me in a less perfect way in Mandarin, that is Ma3Ma2. Then slowly changed to Ma1M1.

And the greatest change came in during the last weekend. He calls me Mommy (ma3mi2) all day on Sunday!

I am so not used to it. I kept telling him that I am Ma4Ma3. But still, he calls me Mommy.

Strange, why is he changing? Maybe MIL still refers me as Mommy, and kept using the term in front of him. Sigh! But I have to say it is very cute too, to see the changes. :)

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