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Lots 'o updates!

Posted Oct 07 2010 1:20pm
36 weeks!!! I'm doing a happy dance over here, can you see it? Yep, a lopsided happy dance in all my 9 month pregnant glory. Haha. I haven't taken a 36 week picture yet, so I'll post that separately tonight. I do have a comparison pic, but I'll have to post that from a computer sometime.

I had an appointment with my midwife today. Marija's heartbeat was strong, in the 140's. My blood pressure was great and I'm at around 5 lbs above pre-pregnancy weight.

I also got a flu shot. Ryan is getting his soon and Franky got his a few weeks ago. All the research I've done has shown the benefits of getting vaccinated now as opposed to waiting until after she's born. She'd still get the antibodies through my breastmilk but this way she'll get them through the placenta. The shot itself didn't hurt at all but man, now it feels like someone punched me hard in the arm. I'm a little sore, haha.

We swabbed for group b strep today and I'm hoping it comes back negative so I won't have to have antibiotics. If it's positive, I'll get a dose of antibiotics every 4 hours during labor and each dose lasts about 20 minutes, so that's not so bad at all.

I know I've said it a million times before but I am SO happy with my midwives and my hospital. I can't believe I ever went the OB route. It was such a negative, suffocating, OB-centered experience. I'll never NOT go to a midwife again.

We went over my birth plan and I discovered that most of my requests are standard procedures there, which made me so happy. I'm gonna revise my birth plan tonight and then post it here, but it's pretty basic.

I love that I'll be able to labor freely, using the birthing ball, tub and bed. I won't be confined at all and I'll have constant monitoring wirelessly. As long as Marija and I are tolerating labor, there won't be time limits, which I love. A c-section won't be an option unless Marija's or my life are at stake, period. I will also be able to birth in any position that's comfortable for me. I won't be limited to laying on my back with someone holding my legs.

I meet with my midwife next in two weeks and I have another growth scan next week.

It's really starting to hit me now that this is happening. Everything is set in place and now all we do is wait for labor day. This could really happen, I could really have a VBAC, safely, with a wonderful team surrounding me. All of the research and preparation up to this point has been SO worth it!

I'll post a belly pic and my birth plan later on tonight :)

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