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Posted Jan 18 2010 12:33pm
I always feared the day that I would lose one of my children. Having been lost at an amusement park when I was littleI can vividly remember the fear in being the "little lost child". On Saturday night after churchI experienced the parent's side.

Amy was workingand I had spent an exhausting day with both kids playing at home. I was looking foreward to church because I know having them in the nursery would be a nice respit from the incessant demands to playget juice and ride horsey. And it was my weekly opportunity to recharge my spiritual batteries as well with good music and great teaching.

After the serviceI picked up Josiah and Annie from the nursery and opted to go back into the main sanctuary to catch up with some friends and their small children. Josiah quickly made his way to the drumset on stage and Annie dazzled everyone with he teethy smiles and handclaps. I had to have friends watch Annie on a few occasions when Josiah would just take off and follow people backstageso I decided to wrap it up and take them home for bedtime.

Josiah has this burst of energy at night where he tries to fight off going to sleep. Couple that with the fact that he knows he gets to run around with his friends after church and you can see where this is going. I had Annie in my arms and a very rammy Josiah that I attempted to guide towards the parking lot. He always ran the opposite direction.

At one pointhe got just out of eyesightso I shifted Annie to my other arm and started after him. Our church is a series of circular corridors and I quickly realized that he could have gone down any of them. I had lost him. I thought that I would panicbut I was surprisingly calm. When i looked at the situation logicallyI realized that (1) it was church and therefore a safe place (2) everyone knows Josiah there (3) God wouldn't allow anything to happen to him. After about 5 minutes of two of three different groups of people looking for himhe just appeared in the lobby. One of our friends (who himself has 6 kids) picked up Josiah and helped me out to the car. There was never any real dangerbut the experience is one that I'll not soon forget.
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