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Looking Ahead

Posted Nov 15 2012 12:00am

Looking for a school for your child is like house-hunting: when you find the right one, you know it immediately–even from a description and some photos. If you’re like me, you still do your due-diligence and research every option to death, but you know it’s just an exercise. I knew it with Sam’s Montessori school, I knew it for Sam’s current school (home!), and now I know it for a Montessori toddler program for my babies.

We’re not even sure we’ll send Leo and Zoe to school next year – we might do another year of an au pair or a nanny – but if we wanted options, I had to start doing research now. Sam’s school does not currently have a toddler program. They keep saying that they might have one by this fall, but at this point I can’t count on it. I still plan to send them there for Primary, unless this place impresses me more than I can even imagine right now.

I suppose I should wait until I at least visit this place in person, but damn, I just know. It’s the closest, cheapest, and the most beautiful (at least, based on the photos). It has an  outdoor prepared environment in addition to the classroom, which is extremely appealing to me. I mean, this outdoor space is gorgeous and huge. It even has an AMI-trained guide for the toddlers, even though it is an AMS school. When I called, the director emphasized an uninterrupted work cycle, even for the toddlers! (2 hours instead of 3.) That doesn’t really matter to me as much as it would in Primary, but the fact that the director emphasized this is a good sign. (Sam’s school was the only one that insisted on the 3-hour uninterrupted work cycle – it is one of the first elements to be trashed in many Montessori schools, probably because parents demand “enrichment” activities.) There are still a million questions to answer (like, how the hell could we possibly afford this!), but I’m so excited.


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