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Look at me Mom!....

Posted Jul 17 2008 12:00am

Today the babies turned 18 months! Yikes! Where has the time gone?? They AMAZE me each & every day. I try to give them new experiences each day. That is hard to do with 4 of them!! ha! I think they give ME more new experiences than I can ever give them! Just yesterday Miss Avery showed us her "flying" skills as she entered our pool. She really does think she can swim & we tell her day in & day out that she cannot. She just stood on the side of the pool & jumped onto the top step of the pool. The only good thing about this is that the top step is about a foot deep & 6 feet wide! She has absolutely NO FEAR! It is a struggle! We hope to get them started with swim lessons in the next few weeks. It is VERY difficult to find an instructor that will assist me with 4 babies! I make a mental note of all of the things that I struggled with to help another mommy out. If you can believe it I have been fortunate to "meet" a few new mommies of quads. YES, I said quads! It seems like it is in the water down here! 4 sets of quads born down here in less than 2 years! WOW! I try my best to help these new mommies with advice & stuff. I think once the babies get even older it may be what I was called to do. It is like second nature to me! I just LOVE anything to do with multiples & most of all babies!!! Another sweet thing they do each morning is tell each other "hello". Camryn makes sure that she waves to each baby & even trys to give them a hug & a kiss. It is SO cute! She makes the "mmmuh.." when she kisses. Oh I just want to eat her up! She also listens & searches for things I say I need. She actually brings the item to me when she finds it! She is one smart cookie! Brendan loves to kiss & snuggle too! He also likes to whine! He cannot take it when his sisters antagonize him! He finds a toy he wants to play with & flash it is gone! They take it & the whining begins! I need for someone to tell me if ALL boys are this way! I know you will say that ALL men are that way but not sweet little boys!! =) Getting to miss Avery well she is just plain ornery! She is one spitfire! I do not know when it began because when she was a baby she was so patient & sweet. Now she just smacks & howls when she does not get her way. Can we say "terrible two's"! I am glad that I have only 1 like her! She is definitely one of a kind even if she does have an identical twin! Miss Linz is our sweetie pie! She has thee BEST personality! She smiles from the moment she wakes up to the moment she falls asleep. She LOVES to giggle & totally LOVES her big bro Dustyn! They have started calling him "D". It is SO cute! He loves it too! You hear "D" all day long now that he is out of school. Well, I cannot believe they are getting so grown up. I cannot wait for the next....

Look at me Mom!....

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