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Long Overdue Book Collection Post

Posted Aug 19 2010 11:43pm

The more I check my past posts, the more I found out about my overdue posts!

Somehow, I have this post about my book collections, and it was “ Part 1 “. There never was a part 2 or sequence to that! Hahahaha! What happened, I can’t remember. Maybe just simply forgot about it! :p

I now have so many books, thanks to having a nice bookcase. I don’t think I can one by one describe my book collections, and I don’t want to do this in parts already! :p

This is my book collection now

Book Collection 1

Last year, I just said that I overestimated my books, that I had a lot of space… Now, I am running out of space! Look, I have to do the double-row stuff now

Book collection 2

Actually, there are so many books I haven’t read on this shelf, but somehow, maybe because they were bought in a “lot” of 20 or 30 books, many titles were not really what I check carefully before buying, I tend to be attracted to new books in the stores! I keep on buying and reading new books, and the older books just sit on the shelves! LOL!

Let me count…
There are 55 books I haven’t read!!! And this is excluding those that I have decided I am not going to read (like those from Michael Palmer), and those that I considered text books (another 12 books).

Aiyoh, aiyoh… I really shouldn’t buy any more… But how do you resist, let’s say if Dan Brown or Tess Gerritsen has a new release? Or, let’s say if Harry Potter is just having the 7th book (I know it is the past, but let’s just imagine!). Those are the situation when I went to grab new books and got tempted to get others.

Now, I have RM50 (or 100) vouchers from MPH, I have to buy some or it would expire soon. Maybe should buy kids books, so it won’t add up to my unread books!

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