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Long Lost Friend

Posted Sep 13 2008 1:01am

When you meet your long lost friend, do you get very excited? Be careful…

These long lost friends usually catch up with you again, during someone’s wedding dinner or so. And then, they appear to be very warm, taking all courtesy to meet you, trying to ‘catch up’.

Later, you will find out all these efforts actually come with hidden agenda.

These long lost friends, usually try to sell you something (club membership, MLM membership, insurance, etc). If not, they probably try to preach their religion to you.

Why I say so? I’ve just caught up with a friend that I didn’t meet for 14 years. We met again in TM’s wedding dinner. She has been trying to call me few times last week, but I couldn’t answer her calls (being stuck in workshop whole of last week).

She tried again, keep asking me to meet up. Finally she came to my house just now. She tried to preach to me her religion - Tongyi. I don’t know what it is called in English - remember this religion gets all members married on the same day, their partners are arranged, their occupations are arranged, etc? This is the one lah!

Why long lost friend cannot meet up just to do plain catching up? Sigh!

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