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lol...liter-ally {a.k.a. llol}

Posted Apr 29 2010 12:00am
Just some stuff to make you lol.
Which will from now on be referred to as:

I guess things are just WAY funnier when you have had good sleep and no kids around.
Hmmm, imagine that.


A text conversation between my sister, Heather, and me from yesterday afternoon...

Me: my current view


Heather: this is my current view


Me: lol!!!! literally!!!

Her: it weird that I took a pic?

Me: No! That is hilarious!

Her: And she wasn't shopping for new pants either!!


Something else that made me llol...
the romantic bedroom suite that Jimmy and I got for our Miami trip:

{just like the old days}

I guess it's all business on a business trip, right?


And finally,
one last picture that will make you llol:

{at Dash in Miami}

If it hadn't been WAY overpriced,
I so would have bought that shirt for him to wear on sexy nights.

And despite what he says,
he would have worn it too.

You know he does jiu jitsu, right?
Enough said.



And in other news....

So, being a tourist and all,
I decided to try out one of the temporary tattoo stands I came across in South Beach,
since I have an appointment for Saturday for another REAL one.

{pause for a moment of shock}

I have an idea for one that I want on my right wrist,
and another idea for my left arm.
The wrist will be a surprise,
but the arm one could end up looking something like this:


I've always thought it would be cool to get 4 flowers for us four sisters
(this one only had three)....

I can't decide if I would want color or not,
or if I'm kinda digging keeping them black.

Ideas to make it more unique?

I so crazy.

© 2010 "Le Musings of Moi"
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