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Like Cobwebs in the Corner, These Are the Days of Our Lies

Posted Mar 10 2010 10:43am

Day 69 - Webbed

Photo cross-posted to our 365 Day Project 

My youngest (she's 8) and her girl scout troop had their International Dinner, last night -- they were representing Italy, this year -- and, well, I hear she looked real cute.

"Daddy helped me find a white t-shirt, Heather painted my nails red and Holly gave me a basket of biscotti!"

I, however, did nothing other than forget to send her leaders a baseball hat.

"That's okay, Mommy, they had extras."

For forgetful moms (like me) I'm sure.

"What country is Hope doing?"

Since, it ended rather late (for us "seasoned moms," that means after 8 p.m.) I was, however, able to  pick the child up, after work (only, because my husband texted me, you know, not to forget) and, well, it seems I am NOT the only one.


[eyes go wide]

"Funny, that's what my daughter is doing."


"Good, because, Hope is in your daughter's troop, too." we laughed...[wipes tears from eyes]...and, well, I swear the woman looked like she was ready to cry.

"Why can't I remember that??"

Oh good (phew) I like easy questions!

"Well, maybe because we never see each other anymore."  

Then, we spent the next 10 minutes talking about having recently gone back to work, for real (I mean, outside of raising kids and taking care of our households) and, you know, catching up on other stuff, like, what day was it, really, anyway? 

"Did Hope tell you I substituted her class, yesterday?"

[eyes go wide]

"As a matter of fact, yes."

[crosses fingers behind back]

"Yes, she did."

[bites lower lip]

Okay, so maybe she didn't tell me...for real...but, honestly, I thought perhaps my friend was feeling bad enough and, you know, it was only a little white lie -- does it really matter?

"You know, I really love my job!"

Yes, yes I do believe that, sometimes, being nice really does matter.

"Aaaaand, I'm subbing her class on Thursday, too!"

Now, if I could only remember if her daughter was in Hope's class, too...or, not...DAMMIT!!!

"Oh good, Hope loves it when her mom friends come in to teach!"

This time, I wasn't lying -- heaven knows, she's learned enough bad habits from me, right?

"I heard you did a GREAT job as picture parent, last week!"

Yeah, right.

"Who told you?"

[eyes go wide]

"Um, they did, when I subbed Hope's class, remember?"

I swear...I can STILL hear her laughing...DAMMIT!

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