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Lightbulb Day--Coming To A Winter Solstice Near You

Posted Nov 06 2008 11:38pm

Now this is an idea worth celebrating and spreading around: Lightbulb Day.

Then, the evening of December 21, to start our Lightbulb Day celebration, we turn off all of the lights, build a fire in the fireplace, light a few candles, and talk about what life was like throughout human history until the not-too-distant past. We recite Robert Frost's "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening," because it's about a man and his horse in the woods on "the darkest evening of the year." We might read a little bit of The Long Winter or another Laura Ingalls Wilder book. I talk about how much my bad eyesight would have limited my life if I had lived in an era before glasses were invented, and how David's allergies would have made it impossible for him to work on a farm. We talk about the Winter Solstice, and what it means in the Northern Hemisphere regarding daylight.

Then we talk about what humans have done to change the environment to meet our needs, to make possible a long, productive, comfortable, happy life. We toast the people who have used their minds to create the means for us to do this. We talk about our favorite inventions. (I waver back and forth between contact lenses and penicillin.) (emphasis added)


I love the Lightbulb Day song, too! Help me spread the word--I think we'll do Lightbulb Day this year, too. What a wonderful way to celebrate the creative spirit and accomplishments of human beings.

Via Mariposario, with many thanks!
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