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lets talk about hunger, day 12

Posted Jan 13 2011 2:02pm

Ya, so yesterday?
Mommy Dearest made an appearance and there was just no reason to bring her to the blog.
Jimmy actually came home late from work, and then went to the grocery store after the kids were in bed...and I'm quite sure it had something to do with escaping me.
I think the root vegetables for lunch had a lot to do with my mood.ALWAYS pass the blame.{then add in a moody 5 year old and a three day napless 2 year old, and out comes  mommy dearest }While Bethany didn't have too much trouble with lunch, I on the other hand, got about halfway through before I felt them stuck in my throat ready to make their way back up.
There wasn't enough water in the world to get the rest of them down.
I gotta say, MOST of this food has been surprisingly good, but some of it, nasomuch.  What's funny is the stuff that I gag on, Bethany likes....and stuff she's not too impressed with, I can't get enough of.There are a few things we agree on, and that would be anything related to fruit or chocolate.  No surprise there, right?
So really, I think it's all a matter of your taste...BUT let me just remind you....I am THE pickiest eater alive, and there was a TON of stuff on the menu that I was SURE I wouldn't like.  But, I stuck to my rules to at least TRY everything...and I surprised myself in that I liked a lot more than I had thought.{ruling out beets though fo' sho'}
Keep that in mind when you're doing this, or if you think you CAN'T do this but want will absolutely surprise yourself, I promise.And you may actually find yourself in an elevator with a stranger desperately wanting to share with them that you tried Tilapia and that you liked it...or if you're like me, you'll just post it on Facebook.Because sometimes we need a little affirmation.We meaning YOU, and certainly not me.{who's the one blogging the experience....ummmm}
So, now that I'm almost halfway through, I consider myself somewhat of an expert and have figured a few things out...and I am more than happy to pass on such wisdom.
Let's talk about HUNGER.
The calories are low.  Fact, plain and simple.  While I have NO DOUBT I are getting ALL the nutrients I could ever need (or want), I'm not quite as sure about the calories.  Tracy says in the book that she doesn't control your portions so they can be adjusted (up, never down, trust me!), but to keep in mind that your large tummy is used to being overstuffed and not to trust it so much in the beginning.  
I kept that in the back of my head always, but now that we're about halfway through, I think my stomach has definitely shrunk and now when I feel hunger....I really believe it's actually hunger.  {I think I have Jimmy and the kids convinced it's more of me being possessed, but trust me, hunger/possession....kind of one in the same}
WHEN this happens, and it WILL, let me (the expert) say that with all the exercise you are doing according to the book, up your portions a tad.  
I mean, obviously don't go eat cookies and pizza and crackers (mmmmm, yum), BUT do have extra veggies, fruit, or fish...whatever happens to be on the days menu, have a little more of it.
You will feel AMAZING and better prepared to finish the 30 days up with a bang.
You won't gain weight.You won't add on cellulite or rolls....{mmm, rolls...those sound good.  with butter....mmmm}I mean, who has ever gotten fat from kale, fruit, and tilapia?Ya, you see?
And if you don't believe me, believe Tracy.There is a reason she put that little nugget in the book.
Workout:LOVING the second sequence and totally okay with the soreness that comes with it.So when I said 30 reps the first day was easy and all...I had no idea what was to come the next morning.SO SORE!So yesterday, day 12, I kept it once again at 30, and found it increasingly harder!I think because I was focusing more on form, not to mention I was most definitely working against tired muscles.Cardio was 40 minutes on the trampoline.My shins are starting to feel SO much better, but I think I'm going to hold off on dancing until the weekend to be sure.Btw, if you stay focused, it is possible to finish in an hour forty five....unless you've had a kid or more...then you have to add in the pee breaks.OR you could wear depends....always an option.I mean, for you.Not for me.
Menu:Eh.Cooking is becoming something I don't mind, so that's kind of Mah-Jor.In fact, I may start cooking a few times a week when this is all over.And when I say "cooking" I mean helping Jimmy prepare meals.Duh.I'm not THAT changed.
I do quite like that I'm craving processed foods less, and enjoying fresh whole foods instead.That feels oh so grown up and all.I feel like I have a better grasp of portions and sizing....BUT, I am super excited to eat whole grains again.In MODERATION, of course.{cause I'm sure Tracy is reading this.}
Anyway, today is DAY 13, and after having breakfast with Bethany (yes, omelets again), I feel so much better prepared to move forward.
Saturday, day 15, I'll be taking pictures AND trying on my jeans.  Fat ones and skinny ones.It's time to check the progress.I will say, I am DEFINITELY noticing smaller thighs, a flatter tummy, and the biceps and triceps are totally poppin'!Watch out Gwenyth.
AS ALWAYS, my heart swells for all you supporting me and encouraging me EVEN though some of you think I'm insane.I guess there may be some truth to that anyway...{and I'll address some of your comments, questions, concerns tomorrow}
pswe're also prepping to paint and do some decorating in le house, so stay tuned for updated pictures!!!
© 2010 "Le Musings of Moi"
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