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Lethal Snow Globes, Faulty Ski Bindings and Other Holiday Recalls

Posted Dec 29 2008 5:56pm

recalled snow globes from Hallmark Cards

Now that the gift wrap has been thrown away and hopefully those sugar “highs” have passed, you think you have a moment to kick back on the couch and watch the kids fight over play with their new toys - wrong. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a six pack of recalls on items that may have sitting under your tree or in your kid’s room, so please read on.

Regarding Christmas decorations, there are two recalls - one with an obvious design flaw and the other one maybe not so obvious. We should all know this from 9th grade Science class, if you have a big enough snow globe in the sun for too long it will magnify the sun’s rays and potentially ignite a fire. Hallmark’s Jumbo Snowman Snow Globe (Stock #1XAG5093, measuring 11 by 12 by 17 inches) for a suggested retail price of $99.95, has been recalled due to a potential risk of fire.

Gardner’s Supply Company has voluntarily recalled their Candle Powered Christmas Pyramid (*pictured above). The candle carousels generate heat which rotate the fan blade and can cause the center platform to spin. The candle holder placement on the base of the carousels is too close to the structure, allowing the candle flame to come in contact and ignite different parts of the carousel, including the fans, trees and deer, posing a fire hazard.

Munire Furniture | Newport Rubbed Black Crib

Munire Furniture Company is in trouble again this year, they had a sizable recall a few months ago for there Majestic, Flat Top, Essex, Brighton/Sussex, and Captiva Cribs. Now it is there 4-in-1 Newport Rubbed Black Convertible Crib and matching furniture. The red paint beneath the black rubbed paint has been found to have excessive amounts of lead in it. There has been one report of a child ingesting the paint and being diagnosed with lead poisoning. The combined number of units involved in the two sets of Munire recalls is 34,000 so if you have anything with the Munire name on it in you nursery or kid’s room, please read this twice.

In the sports arena there are two additional recalls. Foursquare Outerwear, of Irvine, CA, made a classic fashion faux pas by selling hooded jackets with drawstrings in boys and girls sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL.

Drawstrings have been a fatal design flaw over the years because of the potential strangulation hazard to children (most victims generally 2-8 years). The lesson here parents, avoid buying hooded sweatshirts, jackets or any other garments for youngsters.
Atomic Skis USA Recalls 1 million Ski Bindings
Atomic Skis USA has announced a major recall for a number of their ski binding lines due to a design flaw on the heel housing of the bindings. The affects bindings are Race 310, Race 412, RaceRace 310, RaceRace 412, Xentrix 310, Xentrix 311, Xentrix 412, C310, C311, C412, CR 310, CR 412, R 310, R 412, SX 310, SX 412, Device 311, Device 412, Centro 310, Centro 412, and Dynamic ADX 312, RD10, X412, Centro 412. There have been a number of reported injuries and concussions due to falls when these binding prematurely release. This recall alone affects over one million units worldwide, so if you notice someone wearing Atomic bindings while waiting for the lift you may want to give them the “heads up” on this recall.

Woodstock Percussion Inc. has 2.8k Steel Drums sold with massive amounts of lead paint on them, so the aspiring calypso musicians in the family, please take note.

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