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Let There Be Light...

Posted Mar 13 2010 7:55pm

This eveing it was a real treat to have "Light" – a praise band from Liberty University – lead us in worship.  Not only did I get a night off from leading, but it was wonderful to experience their passion for God evident in their singing and playing!

I attended a little fellowship dinner that we hosted for the band after the service and got to meet them and find out about ther ministry.  They use Spring Break to travel all around doing great praise music for churches, schools, and whoever will have them.  They stay with host families and travel around in a Dodge van for three months, so they get to know each other pretty well.

This is an area of ministry that's close to my heart as it reminded me of the 14 months that I spent with CTI Music Ministries after graduating high school.  Traveling around like that, you meet some of the most interesting people (that's both good and bad) and I really learned a lot about myself.  Amy and I were dating at the time, and we sustained our "long-distance relationship" with letters, phone calls and postcards.  It was our litmus test for marriage; we figured if our love could endure the separation, it could endure anything!  12 years later, I still reflect back on that period of my life and marvel at all that God tought me in that time.

It was a great night of fresh worship music, great teaching and fond memories!  OK, I couldn't resist putting up some photos of my "rock star" look from 1995 . . . don't laugh too hard . . .

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