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Let it rain, let it rain let it rain ...

Posted Dec 27 2009 12:26am
We are in for some kind of storm today ... the sky is bruised, a big black eye to the north east surrounded by vivid blue ... it reminds me of a battered wife putting on her best dress to face the world after walking into a 'door knob'.

We have had three rain storms already. Hence these pics. We also have a new water feature, aka mozzie breeding ground, out front. Somewhere in whoop whoop's past the city fathers seem to have forgotten storm water drainage ... maybe the task is too overwhelming, if pics of last year's wet are to be believed.

Some of the neighbours needed boats to get to their front doors ... and crocs were the shoe of choice for the well heeled fashionista in WW (crocs = plastic rubber shoes with holes all thru the sides and top to let the water drain away).

Our home is on the one of the highest blocks in the whole town so I am hoping to avoid the whole boat thing. And as yet I don't own any crocs ... I am thinking red gumboots with roses decal.

One thing we have not avoided is the stockpiling of food stuffs. Our long awaited shed is now in place and is packed with four months worth of rice cakes and soda water. We have an abundance of tinned mackerel and a second fridge full of cheese and butter. Plus the UHT milk, an acquired taste I imagine.

All in all I think we have around $3000 in foodstuffs. Which would make sense for 14 weeks of nutritional welling for all four of us. We are fortunate to be in a position to be able to purchase said food and pay for it's delivery. If we lived week to week, on government handouts I doubt we'd have the resources to buy up big enough to eat through the wet. Then it would be fish and road kill ...

Which has led me to wonder how some in town manage it ... If we have two weeks of no delivery of fresh food stuffs well then the emergency services protocol kicks in and we can have a 'resupply' by helicopter. We buy the foodstuffs and the state government covers the cost of delivery.

But that is just for the basics, milk, bread and fresh fruit and veg. This year cigarettes and coffee will make it to the essentials list as I don't need caffeine and nicotine deficient nutters on my staff. There is enough nuttiness without adding withdrawal to the list.

Anyway that's my grocery shopping done for four months ...

A positive of the big storm to come is that for the first time in weeks I have the aircon off. Yes, all of it off. I am not an aircon lover, but have come to appreciate it's usefulness in the 37 degree plus heat that is our daily life. But ask MIC, I am a windows open, fresh air breeze kinda girl.

When we lived in NZ Dunedin and the weather was constantly less than 14 degrees I would still have some windows open. MIC spent considerable time chasing me round, closing said windows, only to find 30 minutes later I had re-opened them.

Aircons, in all their glory do not remove the 'stuffy air breath from two sleeping lads in a small room' kind smell that hangs after a 10 hour night of shut eye. Go the windows open !

So in closing if you come and visit us, by air, during the next four months I am expecting 4kgs of fresh apples and a hand of bananas to appear from your cabin luggage on arrival. Thanks for that , le xoxo

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