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Let Down Reflects

Posted Sep 13 2008 3:03pm

I love and I hate let down reflects.

Well, let-down reflects, is a term in breastfeeding. It refers to the way our body responds to babies’ suckles, and have an instant producing a lot of milk. Milk can shoot out in streams into baby’s mouth, makes it less effort for baby to suckle (which is quite tiring I guess).

I hate let down reflects, because Isabel hates it. Whenever there is a let-down, Isabel would protest by: unlatching, crying, kicking her legs, arching her back, screaming… And the milk would just spray on her face - coz she unlatches during let-down!

This is the most messy moment for any moms. I hate it most when I breastfeed her in public, coz it could expose my breast, or wet my clothes at the ‘right’ spot.

But then, I also love let-down, especially when I am expressing. With let-down, it can double the yield amount, and time can be cut by half too!

For instance, without let-down (when stressed or too tired), I can only get 2oz in 30 min. With let-down (usually when tandem pumping), I can get 6 oz in 15 min! So, if you were me, will you love let-down? ;)

Oh, by “tandem pumping” (not sure such term exists or not), I refer to pumping one side of breast whilst direct feeding the other side. This requires some skill. I can only do the right one, as I use right hand. Tried the left side, very clumsy…

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