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Lessons in Lent

Posted Feb 28 2009 12:00am
We were getting ready for our first Ash Wednesday service at our church and I was trying to prepare the kids. Sophie has a little book on Adam and Eve and so we read that together. At the end of it I explained to Mitchell and Sophie that if it had not been for Adam and Eve’s sin that nobody would ever have to die. God intended for Adam and Eve to live forever in the garden of Eden. But their sin changed everything for everyone. Mitchell immediately said, “Now, that’s one powerful apple!” He’s close to getting it, isn’t he?

So we got to church for our service and Randy explained that we would be having communion and then we would have an opportunity for the fathers of each family to apply ashes on our forehead as a reminder of our sin. Mitchell says real loud from the back of the church, "I really can't wait for the communion part but I DO NOT WANT that black stuff on my head. That is really gross!" Those that heard sort of chuckled and Randy said, "Isn't that true of us? We want to think about what Jesus did for us on the cross and readily accept the communion elements. But when it comes to remembering our sin....our sin that was put on Jesus Christ....well, we don't really want to think about that part. It's uncomfortable to do that."

Thank for using our children's innocent words and outbursts to remind us of what we think but would not dare say out loud. Help us to remember our sin and what it cost you. Forgive me for not wanting to think about my sin and forgive the sin I do not think about. Amen.
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