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Lesson in Humility #401

Posted Oct 24 2006 12:00am

After a long day, I had one of those surreal moments on the way home from coaching last night. I caught myself driving home in the suburban, four empty car seat bases rattling in the background, talking to a friend on the phone about which type of baby food the kids seemed to like so far, with Gen's Kelly Clarkson CD playing through the speakers. I pulled up to a stoplight and realized that:

1) It's pretty much impossible to take yourself too seriously with a car full of
baby stuff.
2) Kelly Clarkson isn't so bad to listen to.
3) I'll start to worry if I say the same about Clay Aiken

It freaked me out for a few minutes, but it passed quickly and I realized I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I went home, picked up Russ, and watched Sportcenter just to ease the mind.

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