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Lego Duplo Perfect Gift For The Holidays

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:00pm

5601_prod I am always looking to get my God son good toys throughout the school year and especially when Christmas and other holidays roll around. He loves Legos and I was really honored to have the chance to review the Lego Duplo with him to see his take on how everything worked and whether or not he enjoyed it.

This is a really great toy for kids. It came with pictured instructions to make assembly a breeze. It also unfortunately came with a small book of all the other Duplo options there were so now I have a giant shopping list my God Son has given me of all the other sets he insists he needs. His life depends on me getting him these toys. Everyone understands right. It is a necessity that he has them. Haha :)

He loved the toy. For the first week he had it was nothing but Aunt Amanda come here and look the truck lights up and makes SOFT sounds. Key word for parents.. its not annoying. The unfortunate part of the truck is once the batteries die that’s it there are no replacing them so lights and sound are gone.

That part annoys me although most people could do without the sound. He enjoys the sound and I wish they did give you options to replace the batteries in the truck. However, all in all he loved it and plays with it often.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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