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le home tour of moi

Posted Jun 14 2010 12:00am
Now that I have this new couch residing in my garage, I'm antsy to find a way to bring it in my home...but, since I just made some changes over the last few weeks I am trying to take a moment before I make any hasty decisions.

Like um, buying a couch from a thrift store when I already have a couch...but whatever.


I was thinking that maybe I should attempt to clean up around here so that I can finally show off some of the changes, ya?

First of all, can I just say I SUCK at taking pictures? Or maybe it's my cheap little camera, but either way....I am NOT at all happy with how any of them turned out. I need a professional 'round here, and I'm not talking about Jimmy.

Anyway, today we'll start with the dining room.

I wish I had a before picture with my old furniture, but after a lengthy search, I found nothing. So, just imagine a black pub height table, and a matching buffet table, with a beige and tan floral area rug underneath. And while I loved the table I used to have, it just wasn't the safest thing to have with three clumsy kids...It seemed that at least one kid at every meal was falling off, so that wasn't too much fun. Plus, with it being so tall, I felt like it blocked light from coming in off the back patio.

First I found this desk/buffet table at my thrift store for um, $15!!! 
  I know!!! 
 It's hard to see back there...but you can see that the top of it didn't really match the rest of it.


But when I saw this picture on a blog somewhere (was it yours?) I knew I'd found my solution.


So I....




And then I saw this picture of Sarah Jessica Parker's dining room and again, I was inspired.


So, I set out on a search for five different chairs. So far I've found two from Ikea, and two from my thrift store for $3.75 each!!! I die. Lit-er-ally.

And now, things are complete...


And when I say complete, you know I don't really mean it.

I still need one more chair, and I'm considering an area rug.
Should I go round, not round, pattern, plain?
Oh the dilemma.

Tomorrow we'll visit the living room.
See ya then.

© 2010 "Le Musings of Moi"
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