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Posted Nov 27 2013 9:54pm
I feel like forever trying to play catch-up. With work. With laundry. With life. With sleep. I'm caught up for them moment. Ahhhh, it feels nice. But I know that by the time I wake up tomorrow morning, I'll be behind again, so I'm enjoying this while it lasts. :)

Even superheroes have to take naps. 

In the last five years of being a parent, Ryan and I have purchased at least half a dozen different toy and craft organization stations; all which failed miserably, made the clutter worse or broke within a year. We figured that since our kids literally do not need any toys or clothes, we'd gift them something practical for Christmas this year. And it came in the form of shelves and bins from Ikea. I love, love, love their new play station. It keeps everything organized and off the floor, makes for easier clean-ups and takes up much less space than our previous toy bin system. 
When I'm not doing laundry, making meals, changing diapers, taking photos or doing school pick-up's and drop-off's, I'm editing, which I love just as much as actually being on a shoot. I have been really lucky in that my business has been steady despite my lack of advertising. My dad has had his own business since I was a kid and I always remember him saying how word-of-mouth was the best advertisement. He always told me that hard work and good work would always pay off. He told me to find something I was passionate about and to never half-ass anything and to give any job I did my absolute all. And so far, that's what I've done. And so far, I'm glad to have been given excellent advice because it's paid off.
He freakin' slays me. 

When the kids and I were at my mom's last week, Ry surprised me and took my rings in to our jeweler to be cleaned and re-dipped. The one on the left is my promise ring, which Ry gifted me on our five month anniversary of dating. The one on the right is my engagement ring, wedding band and anniversary band (my mom got me the anniversary band). I love, love, love the way they look when they're freshly cleaned. 

And in instagram photos
 photo IMG_20131126_092400_zps4ab15240.jpg Our mornings: Marija snuggling up to Harrison while he nurses and Franky on my other side, watching cartoons.
Adding to the thankful tree at Uncle Jason & Auntie Megan's house. How neat is this? 
My sister, Colette, was in the area a few days ago so she stopped by to visit us before heading home. This reminds me of that scene from The Lion King, haha.
Morning shenanigans with my brood. It's moments like these that put it all into perspective for me. It doesn't matter how sleep-deprived I am, how stressed out or overwhelmed I am, how many things I'm juggling all at the same time...moments like these make me realize how lucky I am and remind me to just be grateful
They love when auntie Colette comes over!
My little nerd
Franky said he's Raven from Teen Titans Go. Not sure what that is but I like his costume lol.
"Auntie Colette, can you make me fly like a superhero?"
He has little interest in baby food but he'll go to town on pancakes lol
Lunch with my favorite girl after our stop at the dealership. She doesn't know that Inside the boxes she was sitting on are her and her brothers' Christmas gift :)
This day was especially busy. It started with an emergency dentist appointment for Franky, who chipped a filling in his front teeth. It was followed by a trip to the dealership to take care of a recall issue for our van, kindergarten drop-off for Franky, Ikea trip with Marija and Harrison, kindergarten pick-up for Franky, then conferences at Franky's school (holy mother of all things holy was I ever over buckling and unbuckling carseats x3 a million times that day). His teacher had only positive things to say about his progress and how much he's learning. 
I'm amazed at how far he's come in just a few short months and can only hope that he always has this same love for school and for learning. In January, he'll be entering full-day kindergarten at his school now that there are spots available and it will kill me to send him away all day, but I know now how much he'll benefit from an all-day program. While being away from him half-day is too much for me, a half-day worth of learning isn't enough for him and I never want to be the reason why he's not getting as much out of school as he should be.  
Well, I better get back to crossing things off my list and packing for our Thanksgiving trip out to my mom's area to celebrate the holiday at my aunt's house. We hope you all have a beautiful Thanksgiving! See you in a few days. :)
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