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Posted Apr 02 2013 10:37am
 photo IMG_20130331_110245_zps8d0f0816.jpg
Franky insisted his baby brother have a few of his favorite toys. I don't think I've ever seen Franky more excited or more smitten with another person in his entire life. He is awestruck by his baby brother. 

 photo IMG_20130331_211947_zps43456898.jpg Batman and his accomplice 
 photo IMG_20130331_193134_zps70b97994.jpg In an attempt to get some fresh air for a few very cute kids with a case of cabin fever while letting momma get the rest she needs, we took a trip to one of our favorite local parks and got to enjoy a 60 degree day.

 photo IMG_20130331_204649_zpsb22cad0d.jpg "We're just building stuff." -Franky
 photo IMG_20130331_195352_zps0424666b.jpg
 photo PhotoGrid_1364777751853_zpsd569a144.jpg I'm pretty sure there is no greater joy in life for me than watching them have fun 
 photo IMG_20130331_205003_zps40474e12.jpg This sweet little guy got to enjoy a bit of fresh air too
 photo IMG_20130401_094840_zps17e85504.jpg I am savoring every single bit of his newborn goodness. His velvety-soft skin, the beautiful way his fuzzy head smells, his baby milk breath, his whimpers, squeaks and breathy exhales when he nurses. I seriously cannot get enough. And I'm more than just a little bit sentimental about it because he is probably our last baby, unless we decided to adopt or something later on down the road. It almost makes me wish I had at least tried to enjoy my pregnancy a little bit more, but I was plain old miserable. The braxton hicks, the irritable uterus, the every two second urge to pee, the gestational diabetes, all the scary complications. Yep, I can't say I miss it and I don't think I'll ever miss it. I know it's contradictory to almost feel a sense of relief to think that I'll never have to be pregnant again but be sad to think I might never have another newborn again. Bittersweet, no?
 photo IMG_20130401_141635_zpsf7379e50.jpg
Ry and I are big fans of Trader Joes and Franky especially enjoys our grocery trips because he gets to load his cart up with fruits and veggies to his heart's content.
We had to run a few different errands yesterday and I swear, everywhere we went people gave us the funniest looks. Coming from a very large family and having lots of siblings, I guess I don't view a family of five as a "large" family. So the funny looks kind of tripped me out, haha. Maybe it was the caravan of shopping carts, strollers and kids? I foresee many outings with the Ergo and Moby when I'm on my own with all three. Or maybe Harrison and I will venture out alone sometimes. I'm sure I'll handle it fine on my own, but just a week into this gig as a momma of three, I'm not brave enough yet, ha!

 photo IMG_20130401_094652_zpsb2eeaa56.jpg Daddy and his boys
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