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Posted Mar 20 2013 7:57pm
 photo IMG_20130315_153549_zpsb5affa53.jpg

Looking through pictures from when Marija was an infant and Franky just a toddler, it makes me seriously sad to know they'll never be that little again...and, God help me because I can't believe I'm about to say this, but looking through infant pictures of my babies, I know that I will do this again. {Gasp} Someone come smack me because as that thought goes through my head, I'm wishing for my water to break so I can meet this baby boy and finally be done being pregnant. I've said it a million times before, pregnancy is unkind to me, so we're not the greatest of friends, but the babies? I'll gladly have a dozen more babies. Anyone care to be my surrogate the next time around? ;)

 photo IMG_20130320_193100_zps586e3c75.jpg  
I tossed final items into the hospital bag, packed Harrison's gifts to Franky and Marija for when they meet him, added some Juanes to my birth play list and now, we wait <3 br="">

 photo IMG_20130317_171957_zps90ee646c.jpg I'm sure it won't be long before Harrison is contributing to his big brother & sister's messes :) 
 photo IMG_20130314_104446_zps12b96065.jpg  My nightly and early morning snack, every day. I'm tellin' ya, these cravings just get weirder and weirder.

I saw my primary midwife today and everything looks fantastic. My belly is measuring 37.5 cms, which isn't much change from last week, but Harrison has definitely dropped because his head is laying really low in my pelvis now. His back is along the left side of my belly and his legs along the right, just under my ribcage. Oh how the memories of tiny feet being wedged into the ribcage come flooding back all too quickly once they start again. Ouuuuuuuuuuch! I swear it's true that God takes our memories because if they stayed this fresh, I doubt many of us would continue to procreate, ha! I started losing mucus plug today and continue to have really strong, really intense Braxton Hicks. My midwife thinks it won't be too long before baby boy is ready to come, but if he's not here before Monday, then she'll strip my membranes and we'll be (hopefully) be welcoming him early next week. I'm secretly really hoping I go into labor in the next day or two because my primary midwife is the midwife on call this whole weekend and I'd so love for her to deliver me this time around. I loved the midwife who delivered Marija, but I'd just so love to have this experience with my primary this time around. The way I've been feeling and going by the signs my body is giving me, I'm thinking he'll be here in the next few days. Or, one can hope, right? :)
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