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Posted Mar 15 2013 9:26am 1 Comment

 photo IMG_20130313_161518_zpsf5e62976.jpg

I think it's safe to say we're all ready for Harrison to get here already. I'm so irritable lately I'm getting on my own nerves. I'm so over being pregnant and am so anxious to get back to normal, it's not even funny. I want to be able to eat, walk and function like a normal human being again and I want us to be in our own place already. I want to be able to shower without rushing or time limits and do laundry on any day of the week without getting picked at. I feel like I'm suffocating lately but am trying to be patient and know there's an end in sight (absolutely nothing to do with my in-laws). Ry keeps telling me to just speak up when I'm getting picked on, but I'm so not a confrontational person so I just try to avoid any kind of face-to-face like the plague.

I'm super impatient lately and it's driving me crazy. I absolutely cannot stand to be touched at all and seriously feel irrationally annoyed whenever anything or anyone touches my belly. I can't stand any kind of pressure on my belly whatsoever. It's uncomfortable and triggers strong Braxton Hicks so I've basically just started swatting limbs away from the belly. My poor kids are definitely getting the shit end of the stick lately. I've yelled at them for getting into things, doing things they shouldn't be, fighting, whining, etc. I feel like a shit mom lately because we went from doing something outside or some kind of fun activity on a daily basis to mostly being stuck indoors thanks to cold, snowy winter and general pregnancy laziness. Thankfully, Ry knows their need for fresh air and stretching their legs so he gets them out and about as much as possible on his weekends.

I'm not a spanker at all, but I am a yeller, which isn't much better. I guess I'd rather yell than physically discipline but I'm working on a calmer approach to discipline other than yelling when they misbehave or are disobedient. My dad was a hitter and my mom was a yeller, so I know first-hand how completely ineffective and damaging both can be. I'm all-around pretty annoyed with myself and blame late pregnancy hormones 100%. Seriously, labor and delivery and a short hospital stay are starting to sound like a tropical vacation at this point. That has to be some kind of delirium talking, right? :) Seriously, though, Ry has told me to enjoy my hospital stay and to take advantage of the break, peace and quiet. I keep reminding myself that in a few weeks I won't be pregnant anymore and in a few months we'll be on our own again. This too shall pass.

I saw my midwife a few days ago and we're still on track with everything. She saw my growth ultrasound results and sugar logs and I'm right on track with my weight and everything else. We talked about how I won't have to have a regular IV because my GBS scan was negative but I do still need to have a heplock just in case, which is fine. I will have to have continuous fetal heart tones monitoring throughout labor, but I'll still be able to be in and out of the tub and up and moving around, so it won't affect anything, which I'm happy about.

I also talked to the rep from the cord blood bank and got things sorted out for delivery day, because I'll be donating our cord blood. And finally, if I don't go into labor before 39 weeks, then I'll have my membranes stripped at my 39 week appointment. Since I'm technically a VBAC, they can't induce me, but they won't let me go past 41 weeks, so if I still haven't delivered by then, we'll talk about natural induction methods because unless Harrison or I are at any kind of health risk, I won't consider a c-section. I'm optimistic about going into labor after having my membranes stripped because I went into labor just hours later after they were stripped when I was pregnant with Marija. The way these Braxton Hicks have been lately, I'm guessing it won't be too long before little man is here, thank God!

As far as delivery day goes, we have a few different plans sorted out. If I go into labor after the kids are in bed for the night, then Ry's sister will sleep in our room and keep them until Ryan gets home and picks them up to bring them to meet their brother. If I go into labor during the day, then Ry, the kids and I will all head to the hospital and meet my MIL there. We have an activity box ready to keep them occupied while I'm laboring and I'm really grateful that my MIL will be there because they listen to her better than they do anyone else. Ry and the kids will probably hang out for a few hours afterwards, but will be coming home to sleep every night, which I'm torn about. On the one hand, I'd love for them to stay because the rooms are equipped for overnight guests, but on the other, I think it will be really nice to have the initial quiet bonding time with just Harrison before we go home and jump back into normal life.

 photo IMAG1583_1_1_zps007e6d84.jpg

Bear was pretty pissed at me this day, haha. I wanted to make sure I gave him one more really good bath before I deliver because I know it will be at least a week post-delivery before I can give him another one. We've been using the Selsun Blue on him and I am amazed at the difference in his skin. All the flaky, elephant-skin-looking, patchiness has cleared up by about 95% and his fur is growing in thick and shiny. Between the grain-free diet and anti-yeast shampoo, Bear is doing so much better. He's another big motivator in getting our own place again. Franky said he misses having Bear sleep at the foot of his bed and I know Bear misses the normal, everyday interaction with the kids. I think now that we're in the beginning stages of home-buying it's all I can think about and I'm stressed but excited about it. I'm not so much looking forward to the whole shopping around and dealing with closing and inspections and paperwork and all of that stuff but I am looking forward to the getting settled in part. That was probably my favorite part when we lived in an apartment, was those first few days of unpacking and organizing and settling in. I have big plans for our next place and pinterest is only amplifying the excitement, ha!
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