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Posted Mar 09 2013 6:11pm
I'm really hoping my nesting/spring fever momentum keeps up long after Harrison is born. I've always been a bit of a neat freak, moreso since having kids, but it seems like with each baby we welcome, my desire to declutter, organize and keep things clean and neat gets stronger. In the last week I've basically cleaned, scrubbed, organized and tidied every square inch of our room, washed every blanket and sheet, helped Ry clean our van top to bottom, and have basically left no stone unturned. We're done with last-minute baby shopping and have brought everything out of storage that we needed to.

I also got a chance to go through all of our old baby stuff so we dropped a bunch off at Once Upon A Child and took store credit for everything they bought. With Franky I kept everything, whether it got used, was useful or was needed. I sorted through and either sold or donated more than half before Marija came, did the same thing again after she was here and finally did it again this week. It was insane the stuff I held onto just in case we'd ever possibly use it again for future babies. Yeah, I've smartened up by the third baby, so if it didn't get used with the previous two, it got sold this time around. I had hung onto so many baby clothes just in case too, but have since sold everything except things that were personalized or customized by my sister for the kids and things I set aside for Harrison. Feels damn good to purge, let me tell ya! Anything that didn't get bought got set aside to take back later. The ladies at OUAC told me that many times they don't buy things because they're either overstocked on similar items or because it's not the right season for it. All of the summer stuff they didn't buy last fall they bought this week, so as the kids outgrow things, I add to the same bins and take them back to sell later on. Then we take the store credit for it and literally haven't purchased a single toy or clothing item in almost a year because we've had enough store credit to cover it all, thank goodness!

 photo stroller_zpsf2d930f5.jpg
Ry and I have been thinking about how outings and family fun days will work with a preschooler, a toddler and an infant this summer. We have a travel system and a double stroller, but don't want to have to use both for every zoo or museum trip. Ry has had his eye on this stroller attachment for a while, but didn't like the $90 price tag on it, so we figured we'd alternate all three kids in the double stroller, depending on who wanted to walk and who wanted to ride and then I'd bring the baby carrier too. At OUAC this week Ry spotted one of these stroller attachments in great condition for $20. He examined and tested it out and said we had to get it. With store credit, we didn't pay anything out-of-pocket and it works fantastic with our double stroller. I'm already longing for warmer weather so we can take the kids to the zoo and really test it out. I have a feeling Franky is going to love riding on the back of the stroller on this thing.

 photo PhotoGrid_1362835105917_1_zps2619e463.jpg
After doing lots of research and reading lots of reviews, I decided that I needed a Snuza. They aren't cheap, so I held off because of the price tag. Then I found a decent deal but still couldn't take the plunge. And then Ry suggested amazon and I jumped at the ridiculous deal I got on this thing. Seriously, I think I paid $40 less on Amazon than what this retails for on the website. I'm officially an Amazon convert. 

 photo PhotoGrid_1362835169628_1_zps43fbe884.jpg I've wanted to try reusable food pouches forever and got these to try out for all three of the kids. I made my own baby food once each baby reached 6-8 months and these would SO have come in handy when Franky and Marija were babies. I knew I had to try them out with Harrison, just out of sheer convenience. Marija was exclusively breastfed until 8 or 9 months, and then we slowly introduced baby food. We attempted earlier, but she just wasn't interested, so we didn't push it. I plan to do the same with Harrison and then once he's ready, he'll be plenty big enough to hold these on his own. I also read that these are excellent for smoothies for older kids, so I'm excited to try them out for Franky and Mimi soon. These will come in handy for quick breakfast sides and on hot summer days. I'm still researching healthy slushy recipes. I'm thinking something like freshly pureed and frozen watermelon. 

 photo IMG_20130304_143305_zpsa9b51498.jpg Franky woke up with a fever and puking last weekend and I felt so, so bad for him. My kids get colds here and there, normal stuff, but are very rarely ever sick to where they're puking and lethargic. He laid in bed most of the day eating toast, apples and bananas and watching episodes of Adventure Time. I hated for him to not feel well and took it as a sign that we all needed some down time.

We got some more home-buying stuff taken care of this week and I have to say, I'm starting to get really excited about being on our own again, especially after this past week. I'm either too freakin' pregnant or too fed up, but either way, we've gotten the ball rolling on a lot of things that we'd originally planned on delaying for another six months. Bankruptcy stuff is in full force and has been paid in full, which is a huge stress relief. We're still saving but are keeping our eyes and minds open with the home-buying process, which will begin in the next few weeks as opposed to the next few months.

I think that as a human being, you can only be picked at, picked on, criticized, interrogated, scrutinized and micro-managed so much before you reach your breaking point and this week, I've reached it. A person can only put up with so much before they've had enough (again, not from my in-laws). I will forever be grateful to my in-laws for what they've done for us over the last year and a half. They are, by far, the most selfless, generous and family-oriented people I've ever met and I will be genuinely sad to leave them. I mean it when I say I wish we could bring them with us when we go!

Based on how intense the Braxton Hicks have been the last two days, especially today, I think I better get serious about taking it easy unless I want to go into labor now. Once I hit 38 weeks, I will welcome it, I just want to let him have at least another week to finish baking. Ry is forever telling me to take it easy, to take a break, to let my body rest, but the nesting has gotten the better of me and I just couldn't make myself sit knowing how much needed to be done. Now that it's all done, I plan on taking the next week to just relax, spend lots of downtime with Franky and Mimi and let my body prepare itself for labor and delivery. Crazy to think he'll be here soon!
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