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Posted Jan 27 2013 12:23pm
We had a pretty busy week this past week, which was nice. The kids and I had a lot of fun getting out and about and stretching our legs a bit. With as cold as it has been in Michigan, it hasn't been practical to take them outside to play, not even for a quick 10-minute sled down a hill.
 photo IMG_4508_zps173f8076.jpg
We took the kids to the Plymouth Ice Fest earlier this week. It was so stinkin' cold, we didn't stay very long. Ry and the kids could have stayed out there all day but I was shivering so bad, we just did a quick loop around the park and let the kids stop at different sculptures.

 photo IMG_4511_zps73bd60c1.jpg I've heard it is really cool to go at night when all the ice sculptures are lit up, but I wasn't brave enough to brave the cold again, haha.

 photo IMG_4520_zps621a181b.jpg They really got a kick out of everything.
 photo IMG_20130124_143854.jpg
Ry has been wanting to take the kids to the Auto Show since forever and we hadn't been to one since probably our second year of dating. He knew Franky would get a kick out of seeing all the cars, so we loaded up and went. They had a BLAST!

 photo IMG_4623_zpscbe3041f.jpg
Marija liked the cars just fine, but I'm not sure who was the most excited; Ry or Franky.

 photo IMG_4630_zps7d456c8b.jpg
I can't take credit for the majority of these photos because Ry was the camera man that day :)

 photo IMG_4637_zpsd649a359.jpg
Snack break. Oh the joys of a {gestational} diabetic, huh?

 photo IMG_4638_zpsa9c99921.jpg
The kids didn't mind snack time

 photo IMG_4642_zpsd1499e0c.jpg
We try to stay away from snacks and treats that are loaded with sugar, but this little dude asked for the "treats with juice in them" all last week, so we let him have them.

 photo IMG_4649_zps00ea29d7.jpg
 photo IMG_4662_zpsdd514a33.jpg
Ry is officially the "cooler" parent lately. I am super grateful that he loves to do fun stuff with the kids because I have been seriously slacking lately. The kids know that when Baba is home that usually means they'll get to do something fun

 photo IMG_4664_zps8ab580dd.jpg
 photo IMG_4668_zps231c6a03.jpg
 photo IMG_4677_zpsfddebeb0.jpg
This guy and big trucks, lol. When we first met he drove a monstrous Bronco that I needed him to help me climb in and out of. That thing was a beast. I remember feeling so bad when he got rid of it because he loved that truck and he swears if we ever win the lotto, his first purchase will be another suped up Bronco.

 photo IMG_4691_zps72e79dd5.jpg
 photo IMG_4698_zpseb88d02c.jpg
Ry went to the show for the trucks...and I went for the minivans :)

 photo IMG_4711_zps1ff09cf5.jpg
I am super thankful that my kids still don't mind riding in the double stroller. That thing has been a lifesaver from day one and I know we'll have a lot more years with this thing for outings. Marija prefers riding in the front and Franky is happy sitting in the back with his snacks and his sun shade. I think he feels like it's a tent back there, haha.

 photo IMG_4729-2_zpsb927a990.jpg
 photo IMG_4738_zpsa8d4b53c.jpg
This little dude slays me. Winking little charmer.

 photo IMG_4758_zps76cda557.jpg
 photo IMG_4782_zpsb21a5274.jpg
I can't even tell you how excited Franky was about getting to stand next to Batman and the Batmobile. Seriously, he spent at least 15 minutes just standing there looking at them both.

 photo IMG_4785_zpsc35537b3.jpg
 photo IMG_4788_zpscfcaba2e.jpg
 photo IMG_4797_zpsdf979654.jpg
 photo IMG_4801_zps5f092cee.jpg
The last half of our trip to the Auto Show, we decided to let the kids get out of the stroller and burn some energy off. The Michelin exhibit wasn't nearly as packed as the rest of Cobo Hall and it was really nice being able to let them run around and not be bumping into anyone.

 photo IMG_4819_zpsa981aa15.jpg
This was probably their favorite part of the whole show

 photo IMG_4830_zps55f7fd85.jpg
 photo IMG_4835_zps5bb3d37d.jpg
 photo IMG_4849_zpsb135d3e1.jpg
 photo IMG_4884_zps7c07b344.jpg
They loved sitting in the convertible together and playing with all of the switches and gears.

 photo IMG_4885_zpsa87e8fa6.jpg
I got a scary glimpse of the not so far future of these two riding around together. God help me and my worrying mama's heart.

 photo IMG_4904_zps08e20ea5.jpg
Ry took this picture of Marija on the rooftop of Cobo Hall and I am in love with it. I love this girl's eyes. 
 photo IMG_20130124_095116.jpg
"What's bebe doonin'?"
 photo IMG_20130124_095253.jpg
"Me got bebe toooooo!"
 photo IMG_20130124_094904.jpg "Da bebe Harrison's in dere!"
   photo IMG_4531_zps9c24c677.jpg Can I just say how much I love these carts at Kroger? I have a feeling once Harrison is old enough to sit up, we'll be doing a lot more shopping at Kroger. Franky and Marija ride up front in the car together and then Harrison can sit in the fron tof the cart. We usually do Meijer cuz it's a one-stop shop, but I can see Kroger being really convenient with three kids in tow.    photo IMG_4914_zpsd565683b.jpg
We took the kids to Ryan's coworkers' daughter's second birthday party last night and they had so much fun!

 photo IMG_4925_zpsd085bb4d.jpg
They both ate their weight in penne with parmesan and birthday cake

 photo IMG_4928_zps772460b9.jpg
 photo IMG_4929_zps40924aa0.jpg
 photo IMG_4932_zpsa409fc92.jpg
 photo IMG_4933_zpsca62eba0.jpg
 photo IMG_4944_zpsa31a13ea.jpg
 photo IMG_4963_zps41aac6f6.jpg
The party was at a pizza buffet place and their food was so good. I only got to have a few tiny slices without the crust but oh man was it ever good.

 photo IMG_4986_zpsbcb4cebe.jpg
 photo IMG_4988_zps48de8dbc.jpg
Ry's coworker asked me if I'd photograph their wedding later on this year and I am so honored to shoot it. They've both seen my work on facebook and I am so flattered and really honored that they want me to do their wedding pictures. I'm really excited to be turning my hobby into a profession and am hoping to be in the full swing of things by the end of the year. My goal for 2013 was to shoot an engagement session, a newborn session, a birth and a wedding by the end of the year, and as of today, I have each event lined up so far. I can't freaking wait!

Ry and I have talked a lot about what I can do to help our family financially while still being a SAHM. Something that would allow me to do what I am passionate about while not compromising all of the things I love most abou being home, which include homemaking and homeschooling. I love to write and I love to take pictures, but I think at this point in our lives and where our family is with how young our kids are, focusing on photography is a much more practical route for me to take. Because no two events would have the same subjects or locations, there would be very little room for monotony or boredom, which is right up my ally. And it would be possible to work shoots around our family life as well, which is very important to me.

Being that we'll have an EBF newborn coming this year and all of the busyness that surrounds adding a new family member, I'm thinking I won't jump in full time until early to mid 2014, but I do want to at least get started this year. God-willing it will all work out and only time will tell where it will go as time goes on. I'm excited to see how it all unfolds :)
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