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Posted Jan 23 2013 4:05pm
 photo IMG_20130123_142142.jpg
This SO hit the spot. I've been craving pasta like my life depends on it but it sends my blood sugar through the roof. So I took to pinterest, found out about this amazing stuff called Dreamfields low-carb pasta and tossed all my cravings into one big pot. It went a little something like this: albacore tuna, low-carb rotini, swiss cream cheese, spanish olives, pickled peppers and olive brine. So. Damn. Good. After today, I'm not sure if I'll ever switch back to regular pasta. This stuff is lower cal and had only 5g of digestible carbs per serving, which is pretty damn amazing if you ask me. We'll see how well my body processes its carb content in a little while when it's time to test my sugars again.

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"You wookin' at me?"
 photo IMG_4542_zps3f11d641.jpg I love this silly little dude 
 photo IMG_4543_zps3726e2ca.jpg
 photo IMG_4551_zps4f78cb2d.jpg
 photo IMG_4559_zpsb8b21fc7.jpg We've done a whole lot of just hanging out lately. The gravity of the third trimester is upon me and I just don't have the energy to do much above the bare minimum, which includes laundry, daily cleaning routines, making meals, bath times, painting dates and refilling sippy cups. I'm pretty much useless unless it involves my husband or kids.
 photo IMG_4566_zps80890d7f.jpg
 photo IMG_4577_zps98598fb1.jpg Thankfully, these two don't mind just hanging out. They're easily entertained and content to just sit around with their heavily pregnant mama, or running around in circles alternating pretending to be the monster, or doing puzzles or coloring or eating their weight in strawberries. I am thankful and blessed that they're happy just being
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 photo IMG_4606_zps39b5fabb.jpg
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