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Labor Day Weekend -Un-

Posted Sep 06 2011 10:54am
We spent our Labor Day weekend in the Philadelphia area and we had a blast.

Friday was spent packing, cleaning and running errands before we left.  We also had dinner with Munchkin's godfather, Paul.  Then we got ourselves some iced coffees and hit the open road. I got a Caramel Almond iced coffee and it really might be my new fav. Dare I say, I liked it better than Pumpkin?!

On Saturday we woke up and hit up RJ's bagels for breakfast.  We split a Heart Attack wrap and a Honey Oat Bagel with honey butter.  Both were really yummy.  With our bellies full, we hit up the King of Prussia Mall for some shopping.  Since we were going to Tommy's aunt's house for a Housewarming/Labor Day party, we had to get her a housewarming gift.

After wracking our brains, we decided to make her a basket with a bunch of kitchen and bath things because she really has everything else we could think of.  We bought a cute basket at Michael's and hit up Bath and Body Works, Williams Sonoma and other similar stores to fill it up.  We also stopped by Victoria's Secret and Aerie so I could pick up a few things for myself.

The basket turned out really cute, but I just realized that I didn't take a picture of it.  Since we got mostly fall themed smells, I decorated the basket with fall leaves to tie it all together. Take my word for it, it looked and smelled really good.

After the mall, Munchkin needed to get moving since he was cooped up in the stroller all day.  We hit up the playground by Tommy's house and had a blast there.

Munchkin and I had our first ride on a tire swing. Yes, I went almost 24 years without ever swinging on a tire swing. Sad, I know.

While at the park, our bellies began to rumble again and we knew it was time for dinner. A while ago, we purchased a Groupon for Arirang, a hibachi and sushi place .  We actually went there for dinner after Tommy's graduation and enjoyed the hibachi.  This time, we went for the regular dining part of the restaurant.

As usual, we started off our dinner with some Edamame.

We also split an Angel Kiss Roll as our appetizer. It was really one of the best rolls I've tired in my life and it was a lot bigger than the specialty rolls I'm used to having in New York.  The Angel Kiss was yellowtail, salmon, eel, crabmeat, avocado and pickled squash topped with spicy mayo and eel sauce.  To die for!

For dinner, Munchkin and I split some seafood Teriyaki.  This wasn't your regular seafood Teriyaki, my plate was filled with shrimp, scallops and fresh salmon topped with a delicious sauce and a side of steamed veggies. It was also served with a side of rice.

Tommy had the steak Teriyaki which was also delicious. This was also the first time that a restaurant asked how you want your steak for the steak Teriyaki.

Arirang gets two thumbs up from us, once again.  There is actually a Arirang in Brooklyn which we will be trying shortly.  If it's anything like the one in Langhorn, then we might have a new favorite restaurant.

After dinner, we hit up the Blockbuster Express box to rent Take Me Home Tonight which we enjoyed after Munchkin hit the sack.  The movie was really funny and I kind of relate to the main character.  Highly recommended.

In the interest of not writing a book here today, I will post about Sunday and Monday manana.  Stay tuned because Sunday includes some delicious cupcakes.

Hope you had a great weekend and enjoy your Monday Tuesday!

What did you do this weekend?
What's your favorite restaurant?
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