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Knee Surgery and the Kicking Baby

Posted Mar 26 2009 3:54pm

I had my second knee surgery last week. It went a lot better than the first. My biggest complaint was probably the horrible dry mouth I woke up with in recovery. I remember complaining about that to the recovery room nurse and she told me that it was from the KY jelly they use for the airway. I would have sworn they used Elmer’s glue to secure it in my mouth. To make matters worse, they gave me toast. I was so hungry but the toast mixed with the glue was just a bad deal. Beyond that, I had to use crutches for just a few days but now no longer have a limp and I can walk up and down stairs. Last time I was lurching around like Frankenstein for at least a month.

The baby was thrilled with the crutches, again. It is great fun for her to grab one, laugh and run, fully expecting that the chase is on. Try talking a 20 month-old baby into returning a crutch. Yeah. Doesn’t work.

It is also a challenge to change a diaper on a not always cooperative toddler. 20 months is not exactly known as an age of reason, to put it mildly. I have to be very careful with the diaper changes since Marin is likely to kick.

I told Marin that I had an owie and showed her the bandages. Now she looks at my knee, points and says, “Owie” right before she kicks me.
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