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Kids, Twitter and Their Online Reputation

Posted Feb 28 2013 12:00am

Because I am online all the time, and because I am what's classified as "an early adopter", I know my way around Twitter, Facebook and the like. My kids friends, who are new to discovering Twitter especially, can't believe that I have more than 2,000 Twitter followers - which in my line of work is a small following.

It gives me a tiny bit of street cred, if you will.

I've spoken to my kids about Internet privacy. I've told them that everything they have put on the Internet is there forever, and you never have any idea who's watching, screenshoting, forwarding and the like.

Like, say, the day that you tweet about your AP psych project. And you forget that your teacher - and your mom - both follow you on Twitter.

AND Instagram.

Kids, Twitter and Their Online Reputation

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