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Kids decorated the toliet

Posted Aug 26 2008 10:37am

Kids decorated the toliet

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Stickers were contributed by Keatkeat’s school teacher. He was so excited about the stickers and kept telling me all the good habits that we must have when we go to the toliet. He wanted to make sure that ‘everyone’ remembers so he asked if he could stick them in our toliet.

My reply, “Why Not?” He told me that he is afraid he may not stick them well, so he requested me to do it and that I must do a good job….

Well, he was the instructor, I just do the sticking…so we stick here… pict1735.JPG pict1730.JPG

and here…

pict1729.JPG pict1726.JPG



“Thank you, mummy.” Keatkeat said with a smile full of pride as he looks at the stickers.

Every now and then, he would point to the pictures and say, “remember ah….do not…..”

This is really good when it comes to building good habits in children. Get them stickers, get them to participate in the sticking process, it does get into their heads.

Mmmm…maybe I should start finding stickers on SIT 3 meters away from the TV “!

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