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Kids Christmas Gift Ideas

Posted Oct 27 2013 8:47pm

Christmas is a great time of the year, especially for the children as they can’t wait for Santa to come down the chimney. Adults mainly look forwards to the social gathering, drinks, food and being all excited about their kids face when they open their presents. So, for many it’s a festive period welcomed by many even though the lead up to it can be very stressful at times with lots to do and plan.  

Some parents make plans for this festive holiday for months in advance.

Types of Christmas Presents for Children

One of the most important things to consider when buying a present for a child is to think about their age.

So let take a look at the type of Christmas gift for different child age groups:

Buying a present for a 12 year old (going on to be a teenager) or a young teenager, is often one of the most difficult age groups to buy for. This is because they’re at an age where they’re no longer kids as such, but at the same time they’re still not quite teenagers. So, their tastes and wants have possibly changed quite a lot over the past year or two.

So, one way to overcome this problem would be to either ask them what they want and as long as you can afford it then that could be a good way getting around not knowing what to buy them for Christmas. I doubt they’d still believe in Santa anymore anyway, just that their surprise wouldn’t be a surprise when really it should be. Or try and be cannier; a couple of months before ask them what they’re interested in or take a mental note of exactly what they like.  

 Their dream gift is an item like shoes, TV, video game, iPod or a cell phone. Getting one of such gifts would certainly make them happy. And for that, you do not need t spend a huge amount of money.

Kids aged 9, 10 and 11 years old are at a stage where they have a little freedom and with that becomes a change. So in this case, you need to find them a present that will both entertain them and at the same time allow them to explore and give them that bit of freedom.  

Perhaps something along the lines of a Net-book to help them gain knowledge of how to use a computer, but at the same time they can not only explore the Internet (with security enabled), but it could help them in education and later on in life – computers are a big thing today and will only get bigger in the future and therefore, it’s perhaps a good idea to get kids to start early.

If computers are not what you’re looking for and want your child to spend more time outdoors, here are some more ideas:

  • Skates
  • Skateboard
  • Kids Play Tents
  • Foam Rocket Launchers
  • A bike

You could always buy shoes or clothing, but it’s not something they can play with and therefore, perhaps a gift to go along with could be the way to go.  

Most children between the ages of 6 and 8 are definitely at their creative age and would love anything that enables them to get creative. So, here are some ideas:

Arts and Crafts – gifts such as chalk art, materials for them to make tings either by themselves or with you and loads more. Have a look at some arts and crafts sites to get some great ideas.

Painting Tools – painting tools like paint brushes, oil paints, canvasses and so on.

Colouring Books – yes a little obvious, but kids at this age really do love to colour in their favourite cartoon characters.

Outdoor gift ideas:

  • Trampoline – come on even adults like to play on the trampoline.
  • Small bouncy castle
  • Swings and Slide

Every child loves a bouncy castle and trampoline and swings and slides go without saying.

Children aged between 4 and 5 years of age are really easy to please, and the fact that Santa has been to leave their toys makes it that little more special.

So, a few ideas to make their little cute faces light up:

Feltz –Animal feltz are always fun for young children and are not that expensive. They’d love sticking all their favourite animals on the felt board.

Trains and Train Sets – Train sets are perhaps geared more towards young boys, but that’s not to say that young girls wouldn’t like them either.  Just depends on them.

Plastic sets – there are all sorts of plastic sets that young children would love to play with; kitchens, mobile phones, tools, prams, cars, bbq grills and many more. There’s lots to choose from on the internet and don’t cost much either. 

Children aged 4 years and under pretty much like anything that sparkles or makes lots of noise. Just make sure that the toy is suitable for young children below the age of 4. So buying kids presents for this age group couldn't be simpler.

Featured images License: All Images author owned

Danielle the author has worked in the toys industry for many years and has seen the toy trends change a lot over a long time. 

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