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Kenny the fighter

Posted Nov 29 2009 10:04pm
Kenny is home! Long story short, his fever broke on Friday thanks to 2 different antibiotics and Tamiflu. They tested him twice for all different strains of the flu and both times, came back negative. But for some reason, the Tamiflu helped break the fever. He had a spinal tap which came back negative so the blood infection didn't travel to his brain...thank God. He also had a CT scan which came back neg. So it was just the blood infection which caused the seizure to finally show itself. The hospital felt that he would recover better here at home with us...which is fine with me. I am very nervous though because now he is on even more meds than before...He is now taking Pulmicort, Albuterol, Pepsid, Singular, Tamiflu (for 4 more days), Keppra for his seizures, and Tylenol...and they also gave us this med that if Kenny goes into a seizure that we give it to him to stop it...
Honestly, our heads are spinning with everything that has happened this past week. The doctor was explaining to us that when they did the EEG on Kenny that it showed seizure activity on the right side of his know, now I wonder if that has anything to do with his left side being weaker than the right? I have a lot of questions for the neurologist *sigh* because of all of this.
So now, we are afraid all over again. Like stepping on eggshells...we don't want him to have another seizure, but know it will probably happen..and if it does, where...when.

Before all of this, we were concerned with his developmental delays, hearing loss, lungs, muscle issues, feeding problems and his eyes....NOW we have epilepsy added to the list. My heart just breaks for him. Tony and I are to the breaking point with everything. First, we decide we are going to move, to make life better for us and our kids...kind of a new, fresh start...we put our house on the market and find out that the bank wont accept our low offer to the house that we need and really want...we cant offer more because we were not approved for now, our house is on the market and we have no where to move when the time comes...we are so close, yet so far from the house...and honestly, I am exhausted....emotionally, mentally and physically. I cant beg/fight anymore with the mortgage lenders to help us out...just a little more. I cant go to overdrive in trying to fix up this house...almost done, but not...I just cant. I have to step back and whatever is going to happen, let it. Almost seems like this house is possessed and doesn't want us to leave....seriously!!!! First the plumbing, then the hot water tank, oven caught fire on Thanksgiving but it was under control...we had a good laugh about that. LOL...
Then Gina falls and hits her head on Monday and then Tuesday, Kenny goes into a seizure with a bad blood infection on top of that...WTH?!?!?!

Thank you all for your prayers and positive thoughts....PLEASE keep them coming for Kenny and the rest of the kids and for Tony and I...that we get through has been a very long and hard road that we have been on for the past 3 years...and it doesn't look like its getting any better.
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