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Kenny has a surprise for all!

Posted Aug 28 2009 8:07pm
I am finally able to post again! You know, when it rains it pours...first, my laptop dies...then the kids (old millennium edition desktop) decides to lock up and not have enough of ANYTHING, my camera breaks and finally, my husbands hard drive on his laptop fries out...I heard it racing but never thought anything of did get hot to the touch all the time, it died. We just got a new hard drive in and now I have to start from scratch....can you say DARN!

Sooooo...on to the big news!!!! While I was away, Kenny decided that he was not going to let his little sister do things without him trying....WE HAVE A STANDER!!! He tries so hard every day to stand on his own...its not for long, but he does it...I feel so strongly in my heart that he will be able to walk!!! We are so happy...The whole thing is bringing tears to our eyes!We always knew their was a reason for Gina...and now we know that she is helping Kenny learn to do things...want to do things! Both my babies showing off how they can stand!!!! The smile on his face says it all!!! Gina stands like an old pro! Not even wind can knock her down! LOL!!!
So this brings us to another one of Kenny's obstacles...his hearing. I received, in the mail, the print out of his hearing test from his is a little worse than we thought. He is now in the Moderate/Severe hearing loss rather than mild or even moderate. He falls in the 60-65 range...which is tipping the severe side of hearing loss.

So I have been really pushing him to keeping those darn hearing aids in his ears...I don't care if he doesn't like it...he can hear so much better with them in, not to mention learning to talk. Right now, he is not saying much...Bro bro (for little Tony and sometimes his sisters) and...well...that is pretty much it! He does say Ma...but I really think it is just a sound to him rather than a word. This is a great site to hear sounds like Kenny hears...I'd go nuts (check it out!)

He has really come a long way. From being that teenie tiny baby in the NICU to now...I am in AWE of him. He struggles with many things, but he is determined and strong willed...and that is what kept him alive in the NICU all those months (along with his twin guardian angel).

And on to the other kids....lets see...

Baseball has has started. Practice every day from 6-8...Little Tony is doing pretty good considering he is one of the smallest (thinnest) on the team...but I think that helps with how fast he is! Now if I can just get him to work on his summer homework...which has to be turned in on the first day of school.

Cheerleading has started as well....which is what Taylor is in! God help me. LOL!

Morgan is just happy to help sell hot dogs and hamburgers at the practices to raise money for the team...that's my little salesgirl!!!

And Sydnie and Kayleigh...well...they are still having fun with their stuffed animals.

School starts in just a short 2 weeks...part of me is very happy that they are going to be going back, and then the part that has to wake them up in the morning, help them with their homework and make their lunches, wishes that it was the first day of summer again. We still have some school shopping to do, but not much.

I have so much to talk about....but I am going to have to break this up in a couple different until the next post...chow!

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