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Keeping It Real

Posted Aug 23 2008 11:04pm
After lamenting about my forlorn, yet surprisingly hopeful, state of mind, I realized that most of you have no clue what's going on because I only mentioned it briefly on Plurk.

So, in an effort to keep it real , I have decided to spill the beans about what's going on right now. No sense in hiding it, ignoring it, or not talking about it. It's my life and this blog is, after all, a documentary in progress of my life.

So...without further ado...

I'm being evicted.

The sad state of the economy has taken it's toll. I'm packing up, putting all my shit in storage, and moving into my dad's basement.

Chances are my computer time will be limited until I can get my own place. You see, at my dad's I have to share the computer with 1 Evil Stepmother and 2 Evil Stepchildren. (Ok, so they're not so evil, but it makes for a better post.) I also won't be able to cook breakfast in my panties nor will I be able to hump my husband without having to be face planted in a pillow to muffle my...oh shit...that was TMI, wasn't it...heh.

Seriously, it stinks, but, I have a plan. An evil, under-handed plan.

[insert sinister laugh here]

I'm like the bad guy (or in my case, bad gal) in the movie who you can't help but cheer for. I may not be following the rules, but I'll get to where I'm going with flair and dig?

I'll keep you posted.

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