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Kayla - AKA The Big Sister

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:25am
Kayla loves being a big sister - sometimes almost suffocatingly so! She's always in his face and I just want to say "Kayla please back away!" I'm trying to be patient and understanding that she just wants to love on her brother, and I do love the fact that she loves him.

Here are some things that Kayla loves about being a big sister:

~ Being a 'big helper' - she is more than happy to grab the "diaper basket" for us when Lucas needs a change (and even so kind as to put it away too!)
~ She wants a wipe so she can wipe him too; I've had to say no to the poopy diapers though!
~ She loves helping us give him a bath...she needs her own washcloth to wash him. We just need to work on not putting a soaking wet washcloth on his face! Gotta work on wringing it out first :)
~ She loves to cover him with a blanket, even if that blanket is a burp cloth. She'll say "here Lucas. Night night." Sometimes she covers his face though, still working on that as well!
~ She wants to "help" us pick him up.
~ If he starts fussing she'll be the first one to run over to him and try to give him the pacifier; even when he doesn't want it she keeps trying to get it in his mouth. There's a lot of things we're still "working on!"
~ She gets so excited to see him in the morning. She'll say "Lucas awake! Hi Lucas" (although she pronounces his name more like goocus!)
~ She's equally excited to see him after school and has to give him hugs and kisses.
~ She shows concern when he's "missing." Like at the zoo last week she knew he was in the stroller, but then Alana was holding him and when Kayla looked in the stroller again she did a quick intake of breath and said "ah Lucas go?" and started looking around for him.
~ She likes to show him off. We were at the library Tuesday night and Katelyn was there. She kept saying "A'mere Katelyn...Lucas (pointing at him) see?"
~ When he cries (which she is now used to and doesn't hide out in her room anymore) she'll say "awww Lucas sad" or "Lucas hungry."
~ Speaking of him being hungry, she has shown her nurturing side as well. The other day we were on the couch and he was fussing a bit. She had the boppy on her lap and wanted me to lay him down on it, which I did. She then proceeded to lift up her shirt and told Lucas "here, milk" LOL Wish I had a video tape for that one! I wondered when I might see her mimic me nursing, but I thought it would be with one of her dolls, not actually with Lucas!
~ She desperately wants him to play and interact with her. She keeps trying to share her things with him by trying to put it in his arms, hands, lap. I keep telling her he's too little to hold anything yet (except my hair and shirt!), but she keeps trying "here Lucas, for you."

So she got really excited when he grabbed on to this bear she kept trying to give him..."mommy look! Lucas have it!" Then when he managed to get the bear's ear in his mouth she told him "no Lucas, no mouth!"

These next 3 pictures crack me up - they both have the same facial expression or are doing the same thing in each one:

(any advice on how to get her to stop biting/chewing on her nails and fingers?!)

~ As a big sister she likes to keep him company when he's awake and having tummy time:

She calls this his "exercise" and shows him how to lift his head up high

I had wanted them to be closer in age (and still kind of wish they were since she so badly wants to play with him), but maybe this wasn't such a bad age after all for her to become a big sister! :)

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