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Just as I suspected.

Posted Aug 02 2012 8:58am

As you all suggested , I went to see a real doctor regarding my thyroid.

And just as I suspected, everything came back perfectly normal.

Whee! Nothing is wrong with me!

Oh wait, I still feel like crap.

And I am still 100 percent convinced that my endocrine system is to blame. Shockingly, I have become extremely somewhat obsessed with researching this on the internet. My favorite site is called . It’s chock full of reasons why diagnosing thyroid issues isn’t as easy as relying on a blood test.

Just for a second, pretend you’re interested in what I’m saying and read this quote from :

In publishing new clinical guidelines in 2002, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists fairly dramatically formalized a reversal of its previous doctrine, establishing a narrower “normal” TSH margin of 0.3–3.04. At Women to Women, we have used the TSH thyroid test for many years as a screener. And in our view, a woman’s TSH level should ideally be less than 2.0, but she should also be thriving and free from hypothyroidism symptoms. If she reports symptoms, or shows a TSH level greater than 2.0, she may have subclinical or clinical hypothyroidism.

So let’s recap – 3.04 is technically the upper limit of the normal range, but in their opinion, the level should be less than two. Mine is 2.9. Perfectly normal? Or causing the 18 thyroid-related symptoms I exhibit?

My doctor recommends a shot of B12, which did come back low on the blood test, and a sleep study. She probably has a point there, as I had one probably 10 years ago that came back inconclusive. My sister has narcolepsy and my dad and Jenny’s mom (and dad too, but we’re not genetically related. I don’t think. But in our families, it’s always a possibility) have sleep apnea. And since I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than sleep, it’s safe to say there might be something going on there.

But, I feel compelled to continue to pursue my other symptoms, too, which are at the least mimicking hypothyroidism.

Any experience, advice or suggestions? I’d love to hear them. (This means you, Dr. Almost-Cousin Mackenzie.)

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