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Joys of Jello Jell-O 1950s Vintage Cookbook

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:25pm

Today's Show & Tell Sunday theme is a favorite flea market find. Birds of a Feather is hosting this week. I love stumbling across vintage cookbooks. I'll even cook up recipes from them sometimes. Here is a recent flea market find that had me simulataneously laughing out loud and feeling a bit of nausea. And I thought it was important for me to share these feelings with ya'll. The Joys of Jell-O from the 1950s...

Joys of Jello (1950s) cover

At first glance, I wasn't overly impressed. I thought "Jello. How boring." What could possibly have changed about Jell-O in the last 50 years or so?

Joys of Jello (1950s) Back cover

Apparently, I'd forgotten about all the curious Jell-O salads that little old ladies always seem to bring to the backyard BBQ or church potluck. Friends, that is celery in the Jell-O above.

Joys of Jello (1950s) pg 65

Ring Around the Tuna... How did I miss out on the fact that lime Jell-O and tuna fish taste so well together? And please don't forget the sliced olives. The dish would be ruined if you left those out.

Joys of Jello (1950s) pg 51

The next time I serve shrimp, I'm definitely gonna be sure to serve it atop a lime green Jell-O ring. I think the neighbors will be impressed.

Joys of Jello (1950s) pg 61

Have a close look at these Vegetable Jell-O Molds. On second thought, maybe not. Cauliflower in Jell-O. Now that's just pushing it too far.

Joys of Jello (1950s) pg 17

I know what I want for my birthday. I want my kids to make me this Birthday Surprise. Do you suppose they can fit 38 candles in it somewhere?

Joys of Jello (1950s) pg 12

Actually, on second thought, I am the Apron Queen. And I think a Crown Jewel Dessert would be more fitting. Don't ya'll think?

Thanks for stopping by for your daily dose of vintage goodness & a bit of silliness. I hope this ridiculous cookbook made you giggle out loud. Or at least say Eew Yuck! out loud. I apologize if your stomach is feeling a bit queasy now. So, what's the grossest thing you've ever seen in Jell-O?

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