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Jelly Bean Season!

Posted Apr 04 2009 11:13pm

Jelly beans are one of the first things I think of when Easter is near. It probably has something to do with my parents putting them into our Easter baskets every year when we were younger or that fact that they are such a delicious candy. You can find Jelly beans is such a variety of flavors and colors these days and that is amazes me.

When I first tried Jelly beans, they were delicious, but sort of plain. They did not have the variety like today. Today you can find flavors like Sour Jelly Beans, Strawberry Cheesecake Jelly Beans, Root beer flavored and many, many more. And then we have the colors. Oh how the colors have changed.. You can find pink, black, brown, deep blue, white, speckled and pebble colored jelly beans.

Oh Nuts! has a wide variety of flavors and colors of every Jelly Bean lover out there. Getting married? Find jelly beans to match your colors. Need Easter candy? Find Easter-colored jelly beans. Birthday party? No problem! They have festive colors and flavors for every occasion. I am not kidding when I tell you that Oh Nuts! has a wide variety of jelly beans. Don’t believe me? See for yourself by visiting their website. Just click on bulk candy, then click jelly bean candy’s. From one jelly bean lover to another, you will not be disappointed!

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