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its what i wore on the mommalogues

Posted Jul 21 2012 12:25am
Back on schedule!!!

To see the videos check out the plug-in on the right hand sidebar or visit SheKnows  Mommalogues  where you can leave comments!!!
{remember those things?  comments?  ha!}

Who do you go to for parenting advice?
I tend to be on the selective side when it comes to asking for parenting advice, so I have a small circle of people (call it the “circle of trust”) that I will sometimes go to when I need help or encouragement.  Although, I will admit, there are most definitely times when I will post on Facebook or Twitter and accept any help that anybody wants to offer me.  But, even in those times I try to be careful, because I know people have strong opinions and they just love to tell you how to raise your kids….

what i'm wearing...
top: forever 21

Are you a pet family, and did your children influence your decision? I have never been a big pet person, and my husband most definitely isn’t.  Over the years we have watched our friends love and obsess over their pets and we always look at each other in complete confusion.  And then we had Taylor who is basically a mini Cesar Millan, and we knew we had to get a dog.  And now, three dogs later….we are still trying, still searching, and it’s all because we love our son.
what i'm zumba wear {I am an instructor now, you know...}
What magazines or newspapers do you read regularly? First of all, I can’t read newspapers…I just can’t handle the news of this world, it’s barely enough to handle the news of my own little family.  And as much as I love magazines, I find that I get all that I need or want to know from the world wide web…or better put, Pinterest.  So, while I do love sitting down with a good magazine, it basically has to have something to offer me that Pinterest or blogs haven’t already.
what i'm forever 21 necklace: thrift store
How old were your kids when they learned to walk? If you ask me, learning to walk is so overrated.  I would much prefer my kids to have not walked until, mmm, maybe about three?  But, my kids are quite ambitious and since birth they have felt the need to do everything early, which included walking.  But, I’m certainly not bragging, and here’s why…
what i'm salvation army
Okay, so I BARELY made this post, but it's still Friday so I'm doing okay!

Packing up at the moment for my girls weekend away...and included in that is my final training for Aqua Zumba!!!
Me and Beto, we are about to be like *this.*

Check out my Zumba website here!

{I'm even beginning to speak a in a, how you say, eh-spanish accent.}

My hips don't lie.


© 2012 "Le Musings of Moi"
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