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Its THAT Time – “Mom, Do I Shave Now?”

Posted Mar 16 2010 5:04pm

Lets pretend this is an anonymous blog shall we?  Then, when Boo figures out that I wrote this, she’s wont be too embarrassed.

I interrupt embarrassing my Boo, to explain how brilliant The Baby is.

(Life’s not fair, kiddos.)

Boo was so sweet to The Baby while she was sick

Megan is sick for the third day today.   She is on Tylenol and Cough syrup and has a cough that makes her lungs sound like rock solid hunks of goo.  Anywho.  She brought me, just now, in a whisper because her voice is toast, and in her adorable blue pj’s, a blank piece of paper with an X’s and O’s grid.

(She’s 4, people.  Isn’t she amazing?)   Thats not even the amazing part!

She sits in her adorable pj’s with her adorable markers, and her adorable pink X’s and O’x grid, and places a big ol’ O in the middle.  And THAT isn’t even the best part!!

Wait for it…

Then we play.

And not to tout my own stuff, but my skill at X’s and O’s IS extensive.

Hold your applause.

So anyway – we play – nobody wins.  The end.  BRILLIANT I tell you!

Now back to your regularly scheduled Boo’s grown-up moment.

The setting:  we are in the car on the way to school.  Boo complains about a cut thumb.  Gushing blood everywhere.  Calmly, still watching the road, I ask, is it bleeding? No, I’m not deaf.  And that’s the way it is around here.  I digress.  I grab said thumb and look at it.

I know, I know, I was driving – it was a quick peek.

What I saw, immediately brought back memories.  Of sliced fingers.  My fingers had small 3 slices in parallel.  Now-adays, they come in 5 slices in parallel.  Nice little cuts of skin flaps, not breaking through or even red.  Do you picture it?  Mommy’s Razor. After a second to figure out if I was going to take the lecture-on-the-dangers-of-blades route, or the awwww- you’re- so cute route, I delved right in.  In a completely prepared, well thought out and calm, “WHAT DID YOU SHAVE?” While visions of body hair, and plastic duckies, and soap bars danced in my head.

“My arm.”  With a very apprehensive smirk.  Funny thing is, she was wondering the same thing that I was, “Am I going to get in trouble?”

With an uncharacteristic even tone, I mentioned the grave dangers inherent in shaving our limbs- namely the dark, course, black, very VISIBLE stubble.  And at her insistence, we then admired her nice smooth arms.

PS – I also promptly bought her her very first purple razors and pink shaving cream!

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