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It’s Time to Remove PirateSkimmers From Our Beaches

Posted Sep 13 2008 3:59pm

I would like to lodge a complaint with the local skim boarding shops. Could you please stop making deadly ocean missiles? Your boards sail invisible through the water and come at kids with ferocious speed.

This is the second year I’ve been whacked in the leg by one of those infernal things. Sure, they’re a lot of fun for the user, but some of these kids are morons who use the same part of the beach as toddlers. Don’t local governments have rules in place to keep skimmers away from the general population?

Last year, I took a hit that nearly knocked me over. I know for sure had I not stopped the board, Seth would have been wearing a cast for 6 months. Doubt me? Wood skim boards weigh about 20 pounds, according to Skim Online. Heck, Seth weighed only about 30 at the time. No wonder the deep muscle and bone bruises I experienced lasted for months.

On Sunday, a wood and metal board slammed into my ankle. I thought I was okay, but by bed time, I could barely walk. I am now limping around the house and can’t sleep because my foot will not stop throbbing.

As far as I’m concerned, skim boards may be the worst thing to ever hit the coastline. Most I’ve seen are made of hardwood with a metal edge to help it cut through water faster. Unlike surfboards, skimmers ride waves close to shore where couples stroll or children play.

On further research, it turns out our beach is a favorite of skimmers, reports Skim Online. These thrill-seekers have been anything but polite. They certainly are not apologetic about the injuries inflicted by their boards even though this beach is just filled from top to bottom with beachgoers. The assholes who injured me thought my injuries and complaints were “funny.”

So my feeling is this: ban all skimmers from the coast for six weeks. Send a wake up call that they are going to seriously maim someone. Then ban the wood boards and only allow lighter foam ones. Maybe then the responsible skimmers will sink the jerks ruining it for everyone else.

Other Southern California Beaches Popular with skimmers, according toSkim Online

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