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It's that time...

Posted Sep 24 2012 3:38am
Believe it or not but a year (on Tuesday!) has passed since Judah was born! If you remember, or perhaps you're new, but when we were mid-pregnancy we had a sonogram and they told us we were having our fourth baby girl... I had a feeling they were wrong so I didn't paint the nursery or really buy anything except for two things. If you know me you know that I like to jump the gun sometimes and am very impatient. This time I knew to wait. Obviously he is NOT a she by any means. A 3D sonogram at almost-30-weeks revealed what I knew in my heart - we were actually having a BOY!

I love how newborns hold their hands! He really was NOT a binky baby and had this in his mouth for all of a few seconds.

I think newborns are so precious; love this sweet face!

My three princesses and our new prince to dote on and spoil!!!

Growing and growing by leaps and bounds! He loved/loves holding his hands though he doesn't do it as much anymore.

Turning into a goofy kid who loves to make us all laugh!

He's yelling "tuh-dn!" (touchdown) and lifting his arms!

Eating birthday cake at his birthday party on Saturday! Yum, yum!!!

My little dummer boy, enjoying his special birthday celebration with close family. He took a few steps the day before his party but is really cautious and nervous about walking still. He's *so close*!

My Son,
My mom used to tell me I'd be a great mother to boys. I know she knew I'd be a great mother to girls, too! I think she teased me because I loved to 'hang out with the guys' and preferred male company. I do love being your mommy! You bring me such laughter and joy. We've had a lot of rough days and nights this last year but nothing we couldn't handle or overcome..

You keep me on my toes and I love your hugs! You are so super smart, too. I can see your mind working through how things work and then you try to figure it out with your hands. I love your curiosity and I especially love the look of wonder you give your daddy when you see him!

I pray that this next year goes by much slower so I can soak in these days. I tried so hard to make these moments and days count this year but they still slipped by so quickly.

I love you, Judah, my little lion! And I will always love you.

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