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It's Not Official BUT.........

Posted Jan 21 2013 2:12am
........ we are considering a homebirth! I love my birth center and don't plan on "leaving" as I will continue my woman-care there after the baby is born. Daniel asked me, "You don't like reruns do you?" I just stared at him stupidly. So he threw me the punchline: "Because you never have the same doctor/midwife/birthplace twice"! Oh man I busted a gut. I never really thought of it that way! Never really intended to do things that way.

I just know that I secretly wanted a natural, peaceful, intimate waterbirth/homebirth/something-different-from-what-I-saw-on-TV from the beginning, from way back when pregnant with Elaina. But I didn't even realize there were options until after Abigail was born! Maybe there weren't options, or many, before then. I don't know! But I know I have options now and you bet your last buck I'm going to pursue them and make the right choice for me and baby in the moment.

Kind of thrilling! We interview with a CPM* next Monday (I have actually met her before and I loved her back then so hoping this works out). In the meantime I am keeping my birth center appointment this week and I think we will be having a sonogram to see the little one (the little one who is doing some kickboxing at this very moment!).

*CPM - Certified Professional Midwives are highly trained birth professionals.

Speaking of baby movement I have felt the baby a ton the last two weeks but especially this last week. I know you can feel subsequent babies earlier and I have felt those flutters pretty early each pregnancy, but this is by far the earliest I think I have felt actual kicks (from the outside) and have felt baby so consistently (usually I feel more consistent movements around 24+ weeks). And I'm not a size 6 anymore like I was when pregnant with my first baby (add a 10 to the 6 and you'll have my size, eek!) so that's even more shocking. AND the placenta is anterior (I think it is in the upper-left of my belly) so that typically absorbs a ton of movement. I'm feeling all the movements super low. Sometimes my belly twitches and I just feel their presence, not necessarily specific movements.

Part of the reason I want to pursue a homebirth is due to the fact that I think this one will be fast. I could be totally wrong (wouldn't be the first time I was wrong about something) but I just have this feeling. Getting in the car and switching gears from being in good labor at home to having to transition back into good labor-rhythm in the birth place once we arrive throws everything for a loop and causes me a ton of anxiety.

I am feeling confident and have such a strong peace.

I'm posting a poll on the TOP LEFT SIDEBAR to guess baby's gender. We are not finding out before the birth but it's fun to see. I will tell you that some silly quizzes and predictions online have all said BOY. Daniel and I think GIRL. I have such a mix of symptoms that I'm really going with my instinct on this rather than symptoms. So... it really will be a surprise!!! Happy voting!
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