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It's almost 60 degrees here in t ...

Posted May 07 2009 9:23pm
It's almost 60 degrees here in the Bean but unfortunately, it's raining in such a fashion that I fear Charlotte and I may need to take the ark to Whole Foods this afternoon instead of the Volvo. Charlotte is a kid who NEEDS to run around to burn off excess energy, so when I heard mild temps in the forecast, I was psyched. For .000002 seconds. Because then I heard "torrential downpours." So we're in the house today and not particularly psyched.

But! It has been a pretty great day so far - the high point of which was a visit by one of my very favorite bloggers of all time - girl-fiend and family! They were on their way from New Hampshire to home. Girl-fiend and I like to have our kids within days of each other. Her Fiendling and Charlotte are 3 weeks apart and our due dates for respective kid #2 are but a few days apart. They visited for way too short a time and I am already hoping to hang out with them again soon.

Charlotte and I also made these incredible vegan banana muffins this morning that I can take zero credit for - it's a recipe from The Garden of Vegan - and I make them because not only are they delicious, but also, I feel fine about letting Charlotte "help" me make them and letting her lick the bowl because there's no raw egg. She went to town on the bowl and then when it was clean, I put it in the sink and attempted to have her "help" me do the dishes. Nothing. Doing. That girl likes her some raw muffin batter. Luckily her nervous breakdowns are short lived and easily redirected with offers of juice.

We also watched an episode and a half of Sesame Street. Rainy days just seem to necessitate an extra visit from our friends on the Street.

So now, I've got some laundry to fold and a grocery list to write up. We're having this gal's incredible glazed salmon again tonight and a raw kale and avocado salad that I'll report back on tomorrow. I also need to do some research on heart rate monitors to ensure that I don't deliver this kid during jazzercise class any day too soon.

More later.
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