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It's All In Your Head

Posted Jan 11 2010 12:00am

Long time readers will know that I suffer from migraines. Suffer being the operative word - if you have them, you know of what I speak. I would not wish migraines on my worst enemy, for the pain is intolerable. I'm creating a category for these headaches, in order to track them effectively, to try to root out the cause. I had one on Saturday - let's see how many of my triggers I can match.

I don't take birth control pills because the hormones give me migraines. BUT. In preparation for the surgery I'm having on Wednesday, I'm taking Prometrium. CAUSE 1.  

I didn't sleep well. CAUSE 2.

I typically get migraines if I skip meals. Or avoid breakfast, my least favorite meal ever. No cause there.

I often come down with a migraine if I'm in the company of someone with very strong or overpowering perfume. Nope. No cause there.

I always come down with migraines if I allow myself to become dehydrated, or if I drink too much the nightbefore. Nope, no cause there.

I have often wondered if aspartame causes me to have migraines, and so I took all diet soda - pretty much my only source of the stuff - out of my diet New Year's day. I cannot TELL you how tired I am without the caffeine boost - but I still had a headache.  

So the cause of Saturday's migraine was probably hormone related. A fact I can do nothing about. But I can track it and see how often they happen. When they do, I have medication to take, but it's a fine line, because I don't like how loopy and disconnected the meds make me feel. It's a toss up - do I deal with the pain, or take the medicine, have no pain and feel like crap for about, oh, six hours?

Do you get migraines? How do you deal with them?

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