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It makes my heart ache…

Posted Feb 19 2010 3:30am
Oh, how I miss the days when my babies were immobile and the only words out of their mouths were “mama” and “night-night”.

I wish I had spent more time cuddling with them and less time complaining about how heavy they were to carry around all day long.

I wish I had spent more time enjoying those middle of the night feedings and less time rushing them through just so I could get back to bed.

I wish I had spent more time pinching all their little baby rolls and pudgy thighs and less time racing through bath time so I could put them to bed.

I wish I had spent more time playing with them on the floor and less time desperately trying yet failing to keep the house clean.

I wish I had spent more time living in the moment and less time trying to hurry each stage and milestone by with the hope that it would get “easier”.

I wish I could remember every single detail of those first 6 months with my babies rather than being able to easily recall every horrifying minute that post-partum depression held me captive.

I can wish all I want but it won’t turn back the hands of time….and that is what makes my heart ache.

I said my HEART, people. NOT my uterus!

For those of you with little ones 6 months and younger, enjoy every minute while it lasts…even though you’re severely sleep deprived, even though your baby may scream for 4 hours straight due to colic and even though you feel like you might collapse from pure exhaustion.

Try your best not to hurry the days by…because you’ll never get them back again.
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