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It has come to my attention....

Posted Jun 12 2009 10:59pm
That I have been a slacking Morgan. So thanks girl! To be honest...Shit's been going on and I just haven't felt like blogging. Sorry. I'm going to the do the bullet thing for recent updates...I know I know...BORING....

~I still haven't found a summer job...CRAP..But really, right now-it maybe kinda pointless...School resumes like Aug 8th or 10th or something like that...By the time someone actually hires me, I probably only end up working like 3 or 4 wks maybe...

~Hayden's behavior is FANTASTIC now...We were having super bad behaviors for the longest time...So we started a star chart for him and he can earn 1 star everyday...Usually he gets 5 stars which he can get a new car for that...The past 2 wks and looks like this week, he got 7 stars, which consists of either going to Bounce U or whatever he wants...I'm amazed...We've been doing this since March...

~I think I have an eye infection...It looks like pinkeye-but doesn't itch like pinkeye-and the stuff in there isn't green like pinkeye...Hurts SOOO bad though and feels like it's going to explode...FUN Stuff

~I haven't talked to my mom since the day before Mothers Day...She *finally* text Hayden yesterday...I've been so pissed that she hadn't done that and she finally did...and that was it...

~Obviously I did NOT get a bfp in May...SO pissed at that too...I did have an ob/gyn appt(that's who I'm having help me get pg, not an RE) and I think I'm going to switch dr...He put me on the same shit I was on for 3 months...Rather than try metformin, he put me back on dexamethasone and clomid...GRRR...Why try that again? It didn't work the 3 mths I took it!

I think tha's it...Nothing too spectacular here...And thanks Morgan for thinking about me! I feel special! LOL!

Take care...Will hopefully have a FUN update soon..

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