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It Has Been a LONG week

Posted May 01 2009 12:00am are the last of my dare pictures!! I had so much fun taking them and embarrassing my hubby....he says I am too old to do this....I disagree whole heartedly...

Sorry it has taken me so incredibly long to get this up, but honestly I had more pressing issues to attend to...namely Tommy, Jack AND Dan.

See this past week has been Dan's "furlough" week from work (each month everyone at his company takes an unpaid week - its the last ditch effort to get the company through some tough times....) so not only am I suddenly home with both boys, but so was Dan. It has been a wonderful, but incredibly long week...full of lots of naps, trips to the park, and begging for some grandparental assistance.

I am not yet in a schedule with the boys, I am still trying to figure out what will be our day-to-day, to have Daddy home too just threw me for a loop. Add to that, the regularly scheduled Tuesday with Pop-Pop (my dad) for the boys was cancelled as Pop-Pop was very tired from his own long weekend. I am still trying to stop my head from spinning to be honest with you. Fortunately Pop-Pop had the boys all day Thursday and today, AND we had a wonderful long dinner/play date with BoBo (Dan's Mom) Thursday night.

So I apologize for absolutely not commenting the last couple of days, and for the overdue embarrassing pictures, but, I was pleasantly distracted...

Now please enjoy the following as I put myself down for a nap....this SAHM thing is a lot more taxing than I thought it'd be!!


DARE: Since I am sitting here with rollers in my hair as I type, I think I would like to see you driving (running an errand, on your way to work, whatever) with rollers in your hair. I think that would make a cute picture :) And no just sitting in your driveway and snapping a picture - get out there and embarrass yourself! (Brooke)

I promise Brooke I did the best I could, but I have never had rollers in my hair and boy are they uncomfortable. I survived the trip to the carwash with them on then they had to go. Rollers just aren't for me!!

Do you know how hard it is to find temporary hair dye that will work in dark hair?!
I finally settled on a lovely shade of purple....and yes I wore it ALL DAY!!!

I even hammed it up a bit. The fellow shoppers at Walmart were amazed....and once again my hubby was embarrassed....LOVE IT!!!

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