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Isabel Suffered Head Injury

Posted Sep 20 2012 6:12am
From The Suzette

Yesterday, Ian and Isabel played in the room. As usual, one moment laughing, the next moment Isabel screamed and cried. I took it lightly as I am used to this, too many rounds already, I got really immuned.

Then, my helper rushed into the room (she is always the more kan-cheong type), and then I heard this “Apa berlaku?” And Ian said “Nothing, she just suddenly cry like usual lah!”, and then the next moment I heard panic in Ian’s voice as well as helper’s. That’s when I walked into the room (ya, I’m usually very calm in this, she has been doing this too often!)

What I saw made me panic too. The center of her forehead, near the hairline, had a patch of blood, and it keeps flowing out, dripping onto the side like mini river. It is not the bright red color, so I relaxed a little. Took a towel to wipe off the blood – soaked the towel, then I press the wound with an ice pack, brought her to the clinic.

After cleaning the wound, we discovered a Y-Shape cut, a result of her head knocking at the corner of a table. We had to cut away some of her hair to allow the bandage to stick. Doc didn’t want to apply any stitches as that part is very thin, she will be even more painful doing that. So we let her heal by herself. Initially not even bandaged, but since the blood keep seeping out, we had to do that..

Early this year in Feb, Isabel also had another clumsy accident where she nearly knocked off her 2 front teeth ! I really hope that there is no more such scare for us any more. Poor Isabel…

From The Suzette

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